Friday, December 10, 2010

Loving Local

After a pretty long and stressful week, I was more than happy to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with some of our favorite things and some new things.

First off, Sparky and I were offered up two free propane heaters from our favorite local OKC spot, The Wedge on western (where we were engaged).  Of course, they were free because they couldn't get them to work.  They said if we could get them to work then we could have them.  Sparky's response, "I'm freaking McGyver"...unfortunately this McGyver doesn't own a truck.  We were able to get a friend with a truck to help us transport the heaters to our home; so we also enjoyed a dinner at The Wedge while in the process.

Afterward, we headed down to the local Plaza District for an art showing and some local supporting.  I was able to score a cute handmade hair pin that I'm going to try to work into the wedding and a handmade Christmas gift for a friend.


We randomly picked out Sparky's wedding band!!!  local and handmade.  Perfect.

It was a joyful and local filled night.  Do you support your local artists and businesses?

Keep on Keepin on.

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