Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Photographer Frenzy

It's no secret that I am a lover of all things photography.  I am more of an obsessed admirer on a daily basis rather than an avid photographer myself, although I do flirt with my camera a little here and there. 

For the past year and plus some, I have been obsessed with photography, and more recently wedding photography for obvious reasons.  Daily, I peruse photographers both local and beyond to dissect and enjoy each artist's differences and magnificence.  It's amazing how some photographers get the most perfect and unbelievable "shot" without really having to try...or so I suspect.

So, with so much love for many photographers and styles of photograpahy, I have been torn and slightly disgruntled in trying to decide on the perfect photographer for all things Sparky and Babalou gettin hitched.  I think I have e-mailed and bugged every just a few photographers in the okc metro the past few weeks, not to mention I checked on the amazing and beautiful Simply Bloom Photographers in Alabama as well.

Although I am all about being frugal smart with our wedding budget, a wedding photographer is the one element that I am on the very tippy-toe-edge-teetering-about to fall off the budget bridge willing to splurge.  I know that I don't intend to have a HUGE wedding, but that means all the personal, intimate, DIY stuff should be documented even more, right?  BTW, I am the master of justifying anything I deem necessary; arguing with me is absolutely useless.

Anywho, after many mental and emotional internal battles, I THINK, at least for today, I have narrowed down the photographer choices down to two.  These final two choices are so very difficult for their own very specific reasons.

First, we are considering Andrew Chasteen photography.  He's local, slightly "newer" to photography, more budget friendly than the other choice, and an acquaintance of Sparky's.  I do also like his style.  He does non-traditional photograpahy which I love.  The more artistic the posing for this gal.

Second, Sparky and I absolutely love love love Carl Zoch photography

Who wouldn't love this image from Carl Zoch?
 He too is local and has amazing style.  In addition to digital photography, he also does a little bit with the Holga.  Sparky and I have a Diana and are huge fans of these little plastic wonders.  Carl Zoch would be a huge splurge for us, but I think we are willing to take the plunge!  I am currently waiting to hear back from him to get more information. 

If we can make the budget work, we may splurge on our dream photographer.  At the same time, I am all about up and coming new artists and professionals and I seriously want to give Andrew a shot also.  I think both photographers would be super awesome and I just can't decide! 

Oh well, I'm sure all the answers will come to me in a dream or a game of rock paper scissors...the answers to most of life's questions normally come down to rock paper scissors.

Keep on Keepin on.

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