Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Living and Dining Changes

So, I know everyone loved my dining table I had before, but I was just up for some change.  Plus, my table just really didn't go with the style we have for the rest or our home.  So, out it went. 

I searched and searched for its replacement and finally decided that Ikea was the winner.  Sparky and I planned on a Friday to head 3 hrs south to the nearest Ikea but I didn't want to go unprepared.  A friend of mine offered up her truck just in case the table was slightly too big for the good ole Subaru.  So, we switched vehicles at 7:00 am and then Sparky and I were off to furniture splendidnous.

We should not have taken the truck.

Our logic while Sparky and I were in furniture and home decor heaven consisted of..."Well, we have the room since we got the truck.  We might as well get what we can now while we are here and have the truck."

So, we went down to Ikea  for one $400 dining table.

We returned home with...

a differnt dining table
duvet cover
and a new sectional sofa.

Yes.  I said sectional sofa.

We must be crazy, right?

I'm so happy we splurged, though!

We have been enjoying our sofa for a few weeks now and it ended up inspiring us to paint the living room and to finally add a photo wall of my pictures.  So it all worked out in the end.

Below is our new dining table, the bjursta from Ikea with only one leaf in it.  This table has an additional leaf that expands the table to fit 10 people!  It may not seem like it, but the table is HEAVY and solid.  The lighter wood really brightens up this space and it's exactly what we needed.  (*please disregard the door hardware in the right side of the photo...that belongs to another unfinished project...story of our lives.) 

The chairs are actually chairs we already had around the house and we just decided to repurpose them...so they were free!  We have about 6 additional of the middle white chairs in case we need to whip out that extra leaf for a dinner party!  So, all in all, we drastically changed our dining space for only $300 and we can seat more people!  What's even better is that I sold the old table for $400...so I made $100 too!  Now that is a sweet deal.  I love Ikea.


Then we spent our Saturday evening and Sunday morning painting the living from an orang-ee brown to a bright white.

Then we donated this old thing to the wonderful Salvation Army.

Here is our new sectional.  Kind of a poopy photo but it will do for now.  I've been eyeing some yellow and grey pillows at target to go on sale...but no luck yet.  They would be the perfect addition! 

As you can see, in this photo, the far right wall is a white empty canvas.    The other two walls in the room each have Sparky's paintings.  He has been saving the extra wall all for my photographs.  Our goals is to only have our own artwork in our home.  This is my new picture wall of our dogs that I will share later!

(*yes, that is Sparky's arm and leg on the right side.)

I will try to get some better photos of the new living room as soon as I can! 

Keep on Keepin on.

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