Thursday, October 07, 2010

Let's Talk: Laser Hair Removal

We are about to get real personal here, peeps.  Leave now if that's now your thang.  Actually, I hope you don't leave, so I'll try to be as polite as possible.  (yeah right)

If you look over to the right at my profile, you will see that I am a Pacific Islander, aka hairy ethinic beast.  Just sayin.  I can totally relate to those Kardashian chicks even though they are Armenian.  Dark ethnic hair is dark ethnic despite its origin.  (You "light hair" people don't know how good you really have it).  Dark, thick hair is totally obnoxious, annoying, irritating (physically and mentally).  One thing I have always wanted to try...well ever since it was laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is right up there for me in the unknown and scary category.  I normally don't like to experiment too much with my body...with exception to my pierced belly button and my tattoo.  Ok, so maybe I'm a little ok with "trying new things"...whatever.  Anywho, LATELY and as I have matured, I've been a little freaked at the idea of permanently altering my body.  But, the hair issue is just too much!  Shaving and waxing is just not enough.

I joined the Groupon website a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love it.  So far, I have purchased two great deals and have been really pleased with the process and the outcome of it.  I'm a huge fan and I would totally recommend anyone to join. One of the Groupons I purchased was just a no brainer for me.  I saw it and had very little hesitation to jump in on the deal.  A local day spa, Body Trends, had an AMAZING deal.  They offered 6 treatments of laser hair removal that was worth $750 for only $99!  I jumped at the opportunity.  If I was ever going to give laser hair removal a try, this was the best opportunity that I had for it yet.

Last night was my first treatment.  I won't lie.  I was definitely terrified nervous and excited all in one.  One of my biggest fears is the side and after affects of anything new and different that I expose my body.  This paranoia was definitely lingering heavily in my mind.  I still went with it, though.  I just had to remind myself that I needed to try it once.

The laser hair removal technician, I want to call her expert, was so incredibly kind and professional.  She definitely made me feel welcome and comfortable, but most importantly, she eased my anxiety without me having to ask her to do so.  She explained the process to me before she started and she was really patient with my million questions and jibbery nervous talking.  I will praise her a millions times for just dealing with my uber awkwardness so well. 

After all the talky talk, the technician expert, had me lay down on a bed.  She put goggles on me, in which I could not see anything but absolute darkness.  She started on my left underarm.  Oh wait, did I mention that I chose to do my underarms?  Sorry.  Yes, I chose to do both underarms first.  This is one of my more annoying "hair" areas to me and I figured for my first time it was a safer option than my face.  Sooooooo, moving on.  She started with my left underarm.  The first burst of laser hit and it HURT.  Oh, dear.  It seriously hurt.  I now think that it was more of a shock but at that moment and the rest of the underarm, it hurt.  I can equate it to the first time I ever had my eyebrows and lip waxed and I thought it was the worst pain ever; and now I don't even think about flinching.  So, I'm sure the sharp stabbing laser pain will soon be a nonsense thing of the past.  If you've ever had a tattoo, it's kinda sorta a little like that.

After twenty minutes of holding my breath and going to my happy place, the technician expert was done with both underarms.  After only being able to smell the wonderful aroma of burnt armpit hair for a good twenty minutes, she lifted off my goggles.  I was anxious to see what my underarms would look like.  I was thinking they would be bright red puffs of underarm skin, but no.  They were perfectly normal but with less hair than before.  The technician expert applied some cooling aloe to both underarms and we were done.  No biggie. 

My next treatment is in about a months time, so I'm sure I will update you again after that treatment.

As of today, my underarms feel absolutely normal.  We are good to go.  No swelling, no soreness, no wierd growths...haha.  But, seriously, everything so far is peachy.

I think laser hair removal is my new best friend.

Keep on Keepin on.


Heather said...

Ok, now I have two questions:

1. Do you have to grow your hair to a certain length, like when you, ahem, wax?
2. Can you wear deoderant after a procedure?!

Remind me to tell you a great waxing story bthe next time we have a "yard chat". You will LOVE it.

Deb said...

Yes! I love to hear your funny stories!

1. Nope. You don't have to grow out your hair. You can't wax or pluck a certain time period prior, though.

2. Yes! You absolutely can wear deoderant afterwards. I think that would go under the category of bad after affect in my book. haha! The only thing she said not to do was to scrub the underarms hard with something like a loofa. A hot cloth is what she recommended. You can even still shave in between visits if need be.

alaina said...

Lol. Nice post. Anyways, I also don't like having this unwanted hair on my underarm it is very irritating.
Can't wait to read your next post. I hope laser hair removal will really remove hair permanently. Good luck.

lancebillie said...

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James King said...

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