Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Procrastination Station

My monkey of a significant other's LITTLE brother will tie the knot on Saturday evening in a different state. This event is supposed to be a grand over the top event. The rehearsal dinner alone will have around 80 people attending...80 people! For the rehearsal dinner! uggg. The bride is arriving to the wedding in a horsedrawn carriage....can I say vomit? Absolutely not my thing. But, it really comes down to whatever makes the bride and groom happy...even if everyone they know have been referring to the couple as Bridezilla and Groomzilla...even your own mother.

Anyway, MOASO and I leave Thursday afternoon to fly down for the "event" and I have yet to do anything in preparation. So, between this afternoon and Thursday morning I need to find a dress to wear to the wedding (just because I want to), get a pedicure (because we will be in a beachy area and toes will be exposed a lot), have my brows and lip waxed (hey, I'm ethnic...we have hair issues...get over it), make sure I have an outfit for the rehearsal dinner (luau theme...gag...I should just show up naked), make sure I have an outfit for the BRIDAL LUNCHEON on Saturday (don't even get me started), and make sure my dogs know how much I love them since we will be gone for four days.

AND, I have to be sure that MOASO's best friend that is house and dogsitting while we are gone has juice boxes.????

Sigh. Of course I will do all the above with a smiling face and absolutely no negativity....as long as I can get out of everything and just lay on the beach. Just kidding...sort of.

Oh, and I need to be sure I have a professional and perfect outfit ready for my first day at my new job the day after I return from the "event."

P.S. Sorry I am such a negative ninny today. I am happy for the couple and I am sure the event will be beautiful. I will probably be blubbering like a little girl during the ceremony because I cry weddings, because it's what I do. Then I will get drunk on the free booze (hopefully wine), because it's what I do.


jmcqueen82 said...

Bridal Luncheon? Goooood Looooord. Sucks to be you.

good luck. shame on you for procrastinating. ;)

C said...

LOL! OMG, Deb! You totally crack me up! You certainly do your best work under pressure! I love that you still hadn't gotten a dress to wear to the wedding and only a few days before the event!!

Wow...a bridal luncheon? They're really taking things to the max, eh? We had loads of people at our rehearsal dinner. LOADS!! I mean like a hundred! That was only because we live on an island in the middle of nowhere and we had lots of friends and family come from all over the world and all over Canada and the US. We had a BBQ at my parents' estate. I wanted it to just be the bridal party, parents and people involved in the wedding for the rehearsal, because that's what the rehearsal is for...but it didn't work out that way. Some of our guests even tried to follow us to the beach where we were doing the rehearsal. THAT ticked me off because I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. GRRRR.

The night before the wedding, my mom and I got into a HUGE fight. The day of the wedding, everything turned out perfectly. I didn't realize how stressful weddings can be when you're on the other end of things! LOL!

Have a great time and congrats to the bride and groom!