Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother

For obvious reasons, I am writing this post this chilly but beautiful morning about my mother. If you have ever met her, you would know she is the kindest 4'11" pacific islander that you never want to make angry.

My mother is one of the most real people you will ever know, and like my dad, she prefers the simple life. I haven't called her yet this morning because I know that she it sitting in church...and I did not wake up in time to call before she left. Don't worry, I know exactly when she will be home.

My mother is strong. No bull. She is strong in the physical and emotional realms. She is in her early fifties and still works as a seamstress. She is not just some ole hem this hem that little seamstress, she is a "I am going to create this massive drape for the local Civic Center" kind of gal. She climbs on stuff, she pulls and pushes heavy drapes and normally does this mostly on her own. She is also very strong when it comes to keeping the family emotionally strong. During difficult times, and we have had our fair share lately, she is the one who keeps pushing us forward. She never puts up with my whining...or my dads. haha.

My mother doesn't complain. I can legitimately say that I can't recall when my mother has ever complained. She is the one that tells us to get over whatever it is we are whining about and to just do whatever it is we are avoiding. If your complaint is legitimate, of course she will listen, but she knows when you are acting like a spoiled little child.

My mother is the kindest person you will know. She does not say bad things about people. When she has something to say, it is not just talk to talk and you can always depend on whatever she is saying is the absolute truth.

My mother is an avid Catholic with no judgement. Talk about someone who is serious and dedicated to their church. She is there every moment she is required to be there. She won't judge you whatever religion or faith you believe in, and she is the last person who will speak and push her beliefs on you. She will definitely do all the above to me, because I am her daughter and it is supposedly her right as my mother.

My mother put up with a lot. I was not THAT bad of a teenager/child and my mother will attest to that now. I think at the time of my teenage years, dealing with me was tough for her because I am and have been so independent and STUBBORN. It's the truth and I totally accept this fact...and she has too. I think she is thankful now that I am what I am. But, at 15 years of age, stating I have the right to choose what church I want to attend and I have the right to choose when I want to go to church, did not go over well. It probably didn't help that I dragged my Dad into the whole argument by complaining that he didn't have to go so why should I? Sorry, Dad.

Everyone loves my mother when they meet her. I received the best compliment from my monkey of a significant other about my mom. I don't remember how the conversation originated, but he eventually stated and has repeated "You mom is the the best person I have ever known." What do you mean by "best?" I asked. He explained that he has never known anyone so strong and so kind and so real. He loves that she doesn't put up with nonsense...especially mine. Oh, and she will always be willing to hem up his pants. Go figure.

What does my mother love besides her family and church? Bingo. She loves to play bingo and does this with any spare time she can conjure up. She is that person who sits at the table with multiple cards...and I mean MULTIPLE...and several Bingo dobbers. She also loves QVC and catalogs. I always get the most random gadgets from her and she thinks they are AWESOME. I am afraid of what she will buy in her boredom when she retires. It is kind of frightening to think about.

I could probably talk about my mom all day...but I won't. I have to clean my house and prepare to cook her dinner. Yes, go ahead and laugh...she did. I am cooking tonight. But to wrap up my jibber jabber, my Mother is just wonderful. I really can count on her to listen and give me a realistic perspective. She keeps me grounded and thankful for the little things. She fixes my clothes when they need some fixin. And she is shorter than me. But most importantly, my Mother is not just my Mother, she is my best friend.


jmcqueen82 said...

Alright Debbie, this post made me cry. Thanks a lot. I get beautiful flowers from my husband, not a tear, a hug and a kiss from my son, a little misty, but no waterworks, a heartfelt beautiful post about your mom, and I blubber.

I am with Clint here, she really is one of the best people I have ever known as well. She always welcomed me in to her home with open arms and heart. She is so very kind, thoughtful, and loving. She has been there through all my monumental moments (wedding, baby shower etc.) She is an adored part of my life as well. Frankly, I kind of miss her. ;)

I admire her strength. I admire her determination and loyalty to her family. You are a LOT like her. You should find pride and comfort with that!

What a lovely lady.... no, what lovely ladies!

Deb said...

Well, thank you my lady. I do hold my head a little higher now that I know you think that way. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

C said...

Awwww! What a beautiful post, Deb! Your mom sounds exactly like my mom! (Mine is also 4'11"!!) They share many similar traits and my mom is also my best friend (well, now that I'm married, she has to share that title with my husband!)