Friday, May 02, 2008

Fabulous Film Friday

Made of Honor

I am feeling a bit sheepishly guilty with this confession of a film to see. I think this week is more "lack of good film options" rather than Fabulous Film Friday. My only other option was "Iron Man" and even though I am a Robert Downey Jr. fan...I am much more a Patrick Dempsey ridiculously cheesy chick flick fan. So, "Made of Honor" it is...and I will probably be sitting alone in a dark corner of an empty theater chowing down on my chocolate covered raisins and sour patch kids completely enjoying this "C" rated movie and reminding myself how identical this movie is to "My Best Friend's Wedding." As long as their is a big sing and dance group scene that involves man sized dancing lobsters...I am all for it.

Yahoo! Movie synopsis:

Tom Bailey is in love with his best friend Claire. But Tom has a fear of commitment and refuses to admit the obvious--he should propose to Claire before she finds a less procrastinating suitor. When Colin, a rich Scotsman sweeps Claire off her feet and asks for her handin marriage, Tom must witness her unquestioned happiness up close and personal--because she's chosen him to be her Maid Of Honor.


And some eye candy. Mr. Dempsey has definitely come a long way from his skinny days of "Can't Buy Me Love"

and "Loverboy."

You loved him in those movies too...go ahead, admit it.

His more manly physique is definitely more preferable.


Jon said...

Wow, I really hope Tom and Claire end up together, and find True Love! These chick flicks can be so unpredictable sometimes.

jmcqueen82 said...

ha! I loooooved Loverboy! That is hilarious!

C said...

I have to confess that I sort of wanted to see this movie even if it does look super cheesy and predictable. I've always had a crush on Patrick Dempsey...even when he was really awkward, skinny and goofy looking. But on Grey's Anatomy....that's a different story! Is it just me or did he totally transform from geek to super hawwwwwwwwwwt???

Deb said...

oh, John...i sense a little bit of sarcasm! sarcasm is always welcome! thanks for the comment. :)

J: Loverboy was great! I want to watch it now!

C: He is a hottie! he is so charming... i think that is why the skinny thing still worked for him when he was younger. he has a great smile!