Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Night Out With Myself

I absolutely love spending time...ALONE. Not all the time, silly. I just love the times that I get to vedge out, not think, not worry, and just lay around doing nothing...ALONE. So what does one do on a Tuesday night when there is nothing worthy on television to watch after American Idol??

Yes, you bet your booty I was THAT girl who ran to the store at her first opportunity and bought "P.S. I Love You." I am absolutely not ashamed. The funniest part is that I did not even want to watch this movie when it was first released in the theater. I kinda sorta got dooped and kinda sorta did not get dooped into seeing the movie at a cheap theater...and I have never pathetically sobbed and whimpered and slobbered and blubbered, and laughed so much in a film. So, I was in love. I vowed I would get this film the day it came out on DVD and that promise was certainly kept.

So, tonight will be spent with those wonderful Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits and some wonderful herb and garlic cheese...oh, and of course, some vino.

I love having nights to myself.


Janet said...

mmm, that's one of my fav snacks, Triscuits and Laughing Cow!

jmcqueen82 said...

I am jealous. What does "alone" mean? I am not familiar with that term.

Tina Dremel said...

I know what you mean!! I plan on having a similar night with popcorn and some ice cream :) All in moderation of course!!