Friday, February 22, 2008

Fabulous Film Friday!

So, like many other movie lovers, I look forward to Fridays not only because it's the start of the weekend (not the end of the week), but because there are NEW MOVIE RELEASES! yay! yippee!! I am starting a new segment called "FABULOUS FILM FRIDAY." ( I might work on the name) The idea is pretty simple and obvious: We are going to talk about what movies we want to see that are being released today. We can also talk about recent past releases that we haven't seen yet. I am going to keep mine simple today.

There isn't too much being released today in the OKC, but there is an unexpected film feeling out my fancy.

Be Kind Rewind

Totally unexpected for my tastes...but this movie seems like it would just be a good laugh. I normally like Jack Black minus the Nacho wrestler character. I think he won my heart over in "The Holiday." He was just too adorable in that movie. Sometimes I am just in the mood to laugh and not really think about the movie. I have cried in the last two movies I have seen and now I just want to cry from laughing too hard.

So here is the movie rundown copied from Yahoo! Movies:

Jerry, a junkyard worker, attempts to sabotage a power plant that he believes is melting his brain. But when his plan goes awry, the magnetic field that he creates accidentally erases all of the videotapes in a local video store where his best friend Mike works. Fearing that the mishap will cost Mike his job, the two friends team up to keep the store's only loyal customer - a little old lady with a tenuous grasp on reality - from realizing what has happened by recreating and re-filming every movie that she decides to rent. From "Back to the Future," to "Robocop," to "Rush Hour," to "The Lion King," Jerry and Mike become the biggest stars in their neighborhood by starring in the biggest movies ever made.

Check out the Trailer

What are you looking forward to watching this weekend??


Mrs. G. said...

Jack Black is all that. My kids and I can't wait to see this...we don't even care if we like it. JB is enough.

Anonymous said...

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C said...

What a great idea! Fabulous Film Friday! I love that! Looking forward to more FFF segments! ;)

Deb said...

first, disregard "jason's" comment. ugh! anyone know how i can delete comments?

mrs. g,
JB has definately grown on me...again. I loved him for a long time and then he fell of the list. he jumped right back on when i saw him in "the holiday." and you're right, sometimes he is enough even if the actual movie is lacking.

yeah! i am glad you like this idea. it just made sense to me that morning when i was looking to see what was being released. i check every friday so now we can "discuss amongst ourselves."

C said...

Hey, Deb!
To delete unwanted comments, just log into your account, go to your dashboard, click on "posts", go to "comments" and then you'll see a little "trash can" icon. Click on the trash can icon beside the comments that you don't want.

If my instructions weren't clear, you can always check this out: