Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phone Pics!

Ok, I admit that I am way behind the "times," but that does not mean I can't be uber excited about this. I just figured out...or I just took the time to fiddle with my phone...how to upload photos from my phone to my computer. I know. I know. Get with it, Deb!

But, here are a few choice photos from my phone pic frenzy.

From a few nights ago but this meal is a pretty hot item on my menu. Cucumber and tomato salad, iced tea, salmon (I think I already ate it), and of course...RICE! and low sodium soy sauce. I need to keep those fingers from swelling so much.

Life of Pi
My current source of reading entertainment. Although I found it in the "Young Adult" Section of the local book store, I find it to be a good read so far.

250 some-odd pages into my current read, I have my Ruby look-alike saving my reading spot so that I can take those well needed blog post breaks.

Ruby Getting "told"
I think she's getting scolded for something she "probably" didn't do....(yeah righ!) She is soooo ornery.

Mr. Trooper
He just loves his daddy. One of the sweetest pound pups ever!

Little Nyxie Rae
Our foster dog. We love her too. She has such a sweet face and she can't help but want to give kisses ALL the time. I think she is straining to give a kiss in this pic.

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