Thursday, February 14, 2008

All That I Love

I feel like a lemming, but in this case it is great to be lemming. In addition to all the other blogs that have and will be written today in regards to the subject of L-O-V-E, I am adding my tribute to all that is lovely, loveable, and loving in my life.

My new robe.

One of the few things I wanted for Christmas was the cushy Red with white trim "Cozy Little Things" Robe from Victoria's Secret. Of course, the person who was in charge of getting this simple gift, eh hem...Clint, waited until the last minute to make a dash to the VS store. AND, they were, duh, sold out. And by this point, it was a little late to order it online to have it delivered in time for Christmas morn festivities. So, a VS gift card stocking stuffer is what Deb recieved. This actually was okay with me, because not only is patience a virtue, but patience is the key for getting more for your money...or gift card. So, I finally ordered my Cozy Little Things Robe that was on "CLEARANCE" and had enough on the good ole gift card for a few more items. I got the delivery this week and I absolutely love my new robe.

My dogs.
(I only have pics of one dog on this computer.)
I love my dogs. They make me feel all the things a woman should feel: wanted, needed, loved, safe, fun to be around, and dominant. true is that? So, this morning, I was watching the Today show while eating my yummy bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and laying on the couch in my new robe. The news segment that caught my attention was about a woman (now a former mayer)who stole her neighbor's dog while they were on vacation. This woman was entrusted with the dog's care while its owners were away, and this woman told the owners the dog had died and STOLE it. She claims she saved the dog from a life of neglect and abuse...but if you saw this woman, you might agree with me that she seems like a psycho bee-atch! There was definately a level of creepiness and physcosis in this lady.

Which made me think that if anyone tried to steal my dog and lied about it dying, I would probably whip out some unlearned kung-fu and open up a can of Oklahoma girl whip ass on this freak of nature woman. Seriously! who does that? She should be ashamed.

My Person.

I love my person. He hates that I refer to him as my "person" and not my boyfriend. But he is so much more than just a boyfriend. He is my best friend, he is sometimes "one of the girls," he is my go-getter of tampons when I am feeling too gross and cranky from lack of bathing and cramps to get them myself, he is my chef, he is my handy-man, he is the daddy of our dogs, he is my grocery shopping partner, he is my shoulder to wipe snot, he is my movie partner, he is the stealer of hot water, he is my wine buddy, he is my dinner date, and so many other wonderful things. Boyfriend just does not serve his role with justice. I am a very needy person, I guess.

My family.

Of course. This is a given. My mother was the first to call me this morning as soon as I sat down at my desk. Her lovely "English is my second language" version of Happy Valentines Day sounded a little like "Hoppy Varentins Day" or something like that. She is so funny. I am sure the men of my familia are either still asleep in bed or doing guy things deemed more important than a Valentine greeting.

My boots.

Everyone hates them...even my person, whom is the cause of my owning them. But I heart my boots. Why? Because its freezing and my wool-lined boots keep my fat toes warm. No, I don't have the expensive real version, I have the cheap knock offs...and they are just as lovely.

Obviously, my love of these items are in very random order because my mind doesn't associate importance over excitement about a wonderful robe. I hope your Valentines Day is filled with love and lovely things that make you smile.


C said...

Cute post! :) That is so weird! I was sitting in my robe eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios this morning! LOL!

Last week I read that story about that mayor who stole her neighbours' dog. That is crazy! Being a dog owner myself, I can't imagine having a neighbour babysit my beloved pooch and then not return him! That's why he travels with us! LOL!

P.S. I wish we had a Victoria's Secret! :( I always have to get my stuff shipped from the U.S.! In Canada, we have LaSenza. They've got really nice things there, but I am in love with the Pear Glacee body lotion at VS!

Deb said...

No Victoria's Secret???!!! That is blasphemy! But, seriously, that is too bad. Good thing they are online...I hope they ship to you...they'd better. I guess you could always smuggle them in. ;p

C said...

Deb, all the more reason to go cross-border shopping! LOL! I can always get them online. I don't mind the currency exchange and shipping fees because I luv me some VS stuff! :) Whenever I go to NY, I always make sure to hit VS! Always!

Mrs. G. said...

You have much to be thankful for. Ain't love grand?

Deb said...

Love really is grand! I have a post on this blog from a couple years ago about my issues with saying "I love you." I have overcome them and I am a better person for it.

Anonymous said...

ahhh love is in the sweetie stopped on by the Beef Jerky Emporium for my V-Day gift! Nothing says I love you like dried meat. I have to say I'm with you on the dog thing...I'd kick some serious boo-tay if someone hauled Riley off, but in your case if some horrible person were to steal Ruby and the others they would quickly return them as soon as Ruby helped herself to an all you can eat panty buffet!!

Deb said...

I'm still in awe over the fact that he got you beef jerky for Valentines Day. I can't decide if it was a horrible idea or to give him "props" for being so original. ;)

And Ruby is precious.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting and hilarious that Clint got third billing only AFTER an article of clothing and your pets. ;)


Deb said...

that's why i left the little disclaimer not labeled as disclaimer at the very end of the post...i was just too lazy to around and switch my random writing and thought process...oh well. :)