Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miss Bridge

(yes, we were child super heroes one Halloween...we have no shame.)

So one of my best girlie gal pals...the always anti-English major because she will never understand my need to overanalyze EVERYTHING, she will never understand my need to want to learn and strive to be grammatically correct, and she will never understand my need to express myself with writing because my mind and mouth don't work as a team (so frustrating!)... started her own blog. I cannot believe it!

This is the girl who would tease me about my blogs...or at least one of the many people I love so much in my life that tease me about my blogs. This is the finance major roommate who would get frustrated with my hours of reading and analyzing Plato and Aristotle or me trying to decipher the symbolism of a sword or rose or some color in some Chaucer or Whitman poem. Oh, Poetry, how I love thee....but I digress.

Well, fellow bloggers, English language lovers, and writers of all that is pouring through your hearts and fingers, ...I sucked her in!

She started her own blog today! She has only one post so far, but you just wait. This girl is far more witty and clever than I could ever be at the drop of a hat. I can't wait for some of her banter.

So, help me make her feel welcome and throw her a welcoming comment to prove that bloggers are just as cool as any ole boring banker!

Disclaimer: I do not promote, support, encourage, try to correct, or discriminate against her awful grammar or spelling. Not that mine is anywhere near wonderful or perfect. Let us all just think of her lack of correct punctuation as part of her charm...and blonde-ness.

Isn't she precious?


C said...

That is great, Deb!!! I love sucking my friends into the blog world too! I've gotten a few of them to start blogging and now my husband is contemplating starting a blog of his own! He co-blogs with a two of my friends and yours truly on a green blog called Green Is Her New Blog.

Thanks for that comment you left on my latest post! You crack me up! It's so weird how we have a lot in common! LOL! The bowl cut is hilarious. I do think it's an Asian thing! LOL! My Mom's Spanish-Filipina and my Dad's Caribbean-Chinese. They met in New York City. Who would have thought?!? LOL!

I'm off to check out your other blog. Ciao, bella!

BlondeLittleShit said...

AHAHAHHAHA...that is great! I love the disclaimer! Go figure I got confused.