Monday, February 25, 2008

Pet Feng Shui

There seems to be Feng Shui for everything! I came across this article: "The Do's and Don't's of Pet Feng Shui" and thought I'd share it.

I do a few of the "Dont's." uh.oh. The one I do and don't know if I can stop, is I let the dogs sleep on the bed! They are so cozy and warm. I know I should get a big pet bed and put it beside our bed...but I am so weak when it comes to telling the dogs "no." BUT, I have always been against letting the dogs have scraps or human food...period.

What do you let your pets get away with?


amk said...

Are you kidding me? I rule my house with an IRON FIST.

Actually, I am kind of the sargent: my dog doesn't eat until after we're done, he doesn't walk in front of me, ever, he comes to me, not the other way around and all dogs who jump up or get in my face have to sit before getting any attention. Always.

I KNOW. I sound like a really terrible person, but I was trained by a predecessor to the Dog Whisperer and well, it's true: first ANIMAL, then DOG, then FLUFFY.

The cats, however, are anarchists and sleep wherever the hell they feel like. They don't, however, scratch the furniture or jump on the counters but I won't tell you what I had to do to instill that message. You probably wouldn't talk me. And I like you, so we'll keep it a secret.

Deb said...

oh, I wish I could be so sargeant-y! I am just now realizing how important it is and I am starting to teach my dogs "better manners."

I know...that sounds strange...but they have to take turns getting their treat and they have to sit. They also have to wait patiently at the door and sit until I will open it to let them out. Absolutely no licking. One dog is really bad and I am breaking her of that aweful habit. I am trying to get them to stop jumping on people...this one is hard.

I wish I would have started this when they were small. It really is more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks! :)