Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Heart Coffee

The day started as soon as I opened my front door so that I could go warm up my car. SNOW! The snow falling had recently started and was only in its beginning stages of sticking. Great. At least I wouldn't have to drive to work in thick snow.

People seem to suddenly develop a case of common sense stupidity when the first flake of snow falls on the streets. And I defintaly do not consider myself one of those people. So, in anticipation of my drive to (the world of boredome)work while I waited for my car to warm up a bit, I decided to call in an order to my favorite comfort for everthing in the morning coffee shop.

hmmmm. Coffee and breakfast sandwiches. The breakfast sandwich is made with fresh homemade biscuits every morning and I get to pick my cheese rather than being stuck with plain old American....blah. I prefer to spice up my morning with a little pepper jack cheese with my egg, bacon, and homemade biscuit (twice the size of any Mikey D's biscuit sandwhich). And of course I have to make my biscuit grabbing belly not feel so guilty, so I order some fruit to munch on througout the morn.

But, after a (stupid driver) stupendous filled morning, arriving at my desk to start my work day could not have been better without my Grande Sugar Free Mocha from the wonderful local Java Daves. I heart coffee...espcially when I get to watch the beautiful snow fall and think about the crazy driver filled adventure home.


C said...

Great post! Those breakfast sandwiches sound deeeeeeelish! Why am I all of a sudden very hungry? LOL!

Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting :) I'm going to read more of your posts now (while I wait for my husband to dig my car out of the snow)!

Deb said...

They are super tasty biscuits. I wish I could send them to everyone I know.

Thanks for the comments on both my blogs!