Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 True Wierd Things About Me.

Thought I would share a little bit about me. Judgement is never welcome. But, funny comments are always expected.

1. I do not like to turn left into traffic when I am driving. If I am at a stop light or a 4-way stop sign...then it's okay. My fear of being hit with another piece of metal overcomes me at times traffic is going both directions and I will only have about 1.5 seconds to become a part of this rush. No way buddy. I will gladly turn right and drive completely around the block and out of the way in order to avoid the left turn of doom.

2. I consciously crave ice cream at least 5 times a day everyday. I will voice this craving maybe twice. I only allow myself to have ice cream once a week and I refuse to keep it in the house. I am also a bit lactose intolerant which adds to my craving frustration. (Ice cream =fat) + (ice cream = unfortunate bathroom trip) + (ice cream = smile on debbie's face) = 1. a smile on debbie's face is worth all the ice cream in world + 2. debbie sucked it up at math growing up and as an adult...obviously.

3. I avoid public restrooms. I live in the 'hood not too far from UCO and most people who attend UCO and more particularly, the LA building bathroom facilities, know how water mucked and stanky it is there...so, I will drive home to use the potty in between classes or hold it until I can go home. If I am anywhere public and need to go number 2...I will more than likely drive home to do it. I will sometimes go number 1 in public restrooms. I think that I am trying to do the living public a service by not going number 2 in any shared facilities...trust me.

4. I do not like to cook....at all. Most meals by Deb will be high in sodium becuase it will more than likely be pre-packaged, pre-frozen, from a box, or all of the above. I got a crock pot for Christmas and have only cooked the pre-packed and pre-frozen crock pot meals you can get in the frozen food section at your local food establishment. I sure do like that Tyson. p.s. It took too damn long to cook and I ended up sticking it in the oven to finish it off quicker. I am so not kidding either.

5. I love to organize and I think it is a form of undiagnosed/self diagnosed OCD. I think I have a serious problem. I will get angry if objects that are properly placed have been turned or moved in some sort of fashion. I put the dang thing in that place for a reason. I currenly have a chip on my shoulder becuase my house is in disarray and I have been obsessed with the idea of getting shelves. Have you seen the Home Depot commercial advertising their home organizing blow out/sale or whatever??? My heart starts to race with excitement everytime I see it.

6. I am paranoid that everyone thinks that I am Mexican and I will get deported.

7. I hum when I eat. Clint's mother says it was the first thing she noticed when we first had dinner together and she continues to say it is one of her favorite things about me. If I were her I would think I'm a WIERDO. I notice it now that she has said. I will stare at my food, stab it with my fork or graciously fill my spoon, and kind of make the food dance as I hum absolute randomness. How long have I done this people? Some friends you are...totally letting me do this in public.

8. I have rice patty feet. You know...the kind that help you squat for long periods of time becuase they are soooooo wide. I don't ever squat for long periods of time but I sure did get the feet from my Jap ancestors. I have learned that feet have sized in widths...not just wide width either. The sized are A,B, C, D, and probably double D... just like a bra. Except my bra size is barely a small B and my shoe width size is a D. I sometimes have to get guy shoes. So basically I am a pubescent size chested woman with Hobbit feet. I lucked out didn't I?

9. I don't feel the need to reminisce too much. Memories are great and all, that's what I take pics for and why I write blogs and write in my journal. But, the need to re-live moments or think about past moments a lot has little appeal to me. I like to think about today and tomorrow and how I am can make the now and the future better. Sorry, I am not a sappy, living in past kind of gal. I am still debating how appealing a high school reunion could be...

10. I have a knome in my front yard named Gilbert. We call him Gil. He protects us from the bad people. I'm hoping he will keep the mushrooms from growing back...I hate mushrooms.

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