Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Times: I Heart U2

Last night was the night of the long awaited and anticipated U2 concert in Oklahoma. I heart U2 and I was so ecstatic that I finally got to see them live; because face many times do we really get the chance to see U2, especially in Oklahoma?

I'm so happy that a humung-go crowd turned out for the concert. Sparky and I did not realize what 70,000 people really meant when we set out for the drive to Norman. We were all smiles and jazz hands (literally) in the beginning of our adventure.

****Side-note: I was not happy about Sparky's mustache. He thought it was hilarious to sport the mustache ALL weekend. I absolutely do not endorse the mustache unless you are Kip from Napolean Dynamite. Luckily, the stache was shaved off this morning.

Then we hit traffic. Then we took a detour. Then we didn't get to eat because everywhere was a two hour wait. BUT...we did park for free and we got a work out with the walking. So, I'm all good.

We finally made it to the concert while the Black Eyed Peas were doing their thang. It was good.

The "mother-ship" was huge, magnificent, and really just a bad-mamma-jamma. It was definitely a site to see. My phone doesn't take good pictures in the dark. So this is all I got. Super sad.

I got to hear "With or Without You", which is one of my most favorite songs of all time, so I was an uber-happy girl.

With the exception of someone around Sparky and me passing nasty gas every 15 minutes, the concert was super duper uber amazing. I am so happy I got to see them live and I am so happy that Oklahoma turned out such a humung-go crowd!

Keep on Keepin on.


♥Bree said...

I'm glad you had fun, even though your a loser and NOT here today.

Deb said...

it's been a nice day.

C said...

First of all, can I tell you how gorgeous you are!?!?!

Second...Have I ever told you about the summer I met Bono and the Edge!?!? If not, then I may have to blog about it someday!

Deb said...

Thanks for the compliment! But you know that beauty is in the roots of being Asian!!! You got the Asian beauty roots going on too!

I am so stinking freaking uber jealous you met Bono and the Edge. I have a big ole little school girl crush on the Edge! I need to hear this story, girl!!!!!!!!!!

Bridget said...

I got to go to the concert too!! Last minute free tickets can't be beat!! It was awesome! That stage was crazy and so was the time when I finally got home!