Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Rundown

January: Cruising on Ice
So with the first Ice Storm of 2007 not too far away, I start the year with a nice Caribbean cruise.

First stop: Key West, where the happy couple, Lindi and Steve, state their lovely vows to one another in the presence of family, a few friends, and a bum sleeping in the sand. I think we may have invaded his home.

Then on to Costa Maya and Georgetown where there was snorkeling, bird holding, mayan ruining ( with disrespectful Americans smoking and throwing their butts on living history), and the reality of poverty in Mexico while riding on the nice tourist bus drive to see where the Mayans once stood. Good times.

Second stop: tarmac. flight delay after flight delay and we were lucky to get all five of us on the only flight from Dallas to okc that had and would depart in two days. Once on the plane, we sit, or actually I sleep for two hours cramped on a full flight. Two hours of a tarmac sitting/sleeping experience and we finally fly for about a total of 20 minutes and land on an icy OKC runway. Obviously, there is no luggage. Wait. I take that back. There is tons and tons of luggage...just not anybody's that was standing there tapping there foot waiting for their luggage. About 2 days later and new hairdryer and a new toothbrush, I have my luggage delivered and the souvenir giving can commence.

Also, I came home to a new love interest that I left behind for this wonderful cruise. Due to love interest and first ice storm 2007, I fall (hard) down love interest's driveway and hurt my right wrist.

February: Cruising down the Road
So, my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport (meaning only two doors), is doing things that I wish it would not do. I have had this car since 2002 and I think Ford truly has a five year warranty and not anything beyond. My car will start...only if I have my foot on the gas and it will only stay on...if i have my foot on the gas. So, as I start it, get in gear (all with my foot on the gas...even when I have my foot on the break)I can begin my venture down the road...but no cruising. The car will be going forty down a hill and I am still not allowed to take my foot of the gas, as it (the entire car) will completely shut down/turn off completely on it's own...weird?? Not just weird...picky. It (the car) plays this trick on my when it feels so particular when it is 40 degrees or below. So, two mechanics and I mechanics bill we won't bring up, I give in. I deserve and new vehicle. Woke up one Saturday morning, drove the POS into a car dealer and bought myself a new Jeep Commander (with four doors).

My wrist still hurts. I never had it checked out.

March: Bye Bye PT
So, for the previous Christmas, I decided to give myself a Personal Trainer and join a gym. I have been training with PT since the week before Christmas 06, and I would definitely admit that buns, thighs, arms, back, tum tum, and even my gargantuan calves are looking pretty nice...and tone. I have not been in this good of shape for a while. But, training comes to end and so does the tone buns, thighs, arms, back, tum tum, and especially the gargantuan calves.

April: Hello Home ownership
I have a house. A cute little 2bed 1bath little house. It's old just like I like them with hard wood floors and many household repairs to come. It is all my own. Single, 24 years old, little dog, and little doggie door. I think I am set.

May: No Washy Washy
So, new old house in April and a new washer and dryer I bought to go along with new old house...but no proper or legal plumbing where washer and dryer are meant to be placed. I think the inspector missed out on an INTEGRAL part of his inspection. So, washing clothes at love interest's home (with his two roommates) for a month while waiting on plumbers to come to INSTALL new proper and legal plumbing in wash room area, and then a not so pretty plumbing invoice later...I can finally wash and dry clothes at my new old house.

June: Meet the Fam and then some.
Texas is where love interest calls home. So, trip to Texas it is. We meet all the extended family, which is Friends that have been around since before love interest was barfing on their shoulders. A whole weekend in a 6 bedroom compound like retreat. It was actually very nice...real Mexican food and 6.0 beer.

Then we drive to meet the Father in San Antonio, where love interest grew up and went to high school. After love interest that was raised in San Antonio get us lost in San Antonio, we arrive at Father's home to meet two lovely, sweet, and beautiful younger step sisters and LI's (love interest) step mother. They are of course all wonderful...and everywhere we went there was a pool and free food (already cooked of course). Can't go wrong with that.

**Trip provided by new vehicle purchase made in February.

July: I'm 25
Ok, so of course there is Independence Day and that is great and all, but seriously, and more importantly, July is the best month of the year for many great reasons. As I mentioned before, there is 4th of July. There is also that fact that is is summer, there are pool side beer fests with the occasional pina colada, for lake-goers there is obviously the lake and boats you can afford that I cannot, but the most wonderful and best reason why July is the best month ever......drum roll..... it's my birthday month.

Yes, you heard right. It is my birthday month. Not just a day...but an entire month to celebrate my birth and my existence ever since. Love interest doesn't understand the celebration concept but put up with anyway. Did I mention his name is Clint? He gets a name now. If he can put up with my birthday month, he at least deserves a name.

But, even though I express the importance of my month, I am not that much of a pain. All I ask is for Asians and all my friends. My favorite restaurant is Musashi's which takes care of the Asians and even my BF Jenny showed up to dinner. Take a gander at my pick in the left hand column with all the hot chicks....this is at my birthday dinner.

August: Time to hit the books
For a bit of background, I graduated in 2006 with a BA. Ever since that summer, I have been a bit lost and what do I do? I decide to try to get my masters. So back to school here I come...but only one class. Baby steps, people, baby steps. I enjoy coming home after work and watching Oprah. I can't take away from that.

Plus, my wrist still hurts every so often. Especially when I type long blogs like this.

Weight gain to date since bye bye to PT: 10 lbs. ouch

September: Road Warrior
Clint's birthday is the beginning of September. On the morning of Clint's birthday, and I mean morning like 2am and haven't even had the chance to say "happy birthday" to the birthday boy, I receive a phone call from my parentals informing me that they think my brother is in jail.

Here goes. Bro in city jail for DUI. BUT in his lovely drunkenness, he decides that driving at height speeds through the city while pretty light flash at him, is a fun idea. County jail here he comes and the new deck I have been saving up for will have to wait. You see, little Bablou has never had to deal with bailing anyone out of jail. Never really had to deal with breaking law and the consequences. The purposes of a bail bondsman should be taught in school. You would think that with an ex-cop dad, an LI with a DUI in the past, and friend and co-worker applying for the police academy, someone would have informed me to use a bail bondsman and not my new deck money. Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda.

bro is out of jail. i got out of work to get bro out of jail. police chase was on the news with bro's face peaking out of backseat window of cop car, and i got to take Clint to dinner.

October: court day Costumes
Brother's birthday and his court day. Half way to the court house and bro finds out that the case is not even on the docket. Court date postponed along with return of bail/new deck money.

A small road trip with two girlfriends wouldn't hurt. To Ft. Collins we went for the weekend and back. It was quick, beautiful and fun. Except for Jeri's driving. Don't ride with Jeri if you plan on enjoying the Colorado scenery. You will totally miss it.

Halloween is near and it's Clint and mines first Halloween together...woo hoo, right? One would think, "Oh, how cute it would be to do a couple costume???" neh, how about, "I want to go as a gay cop." Seriously? Fine. Whatever. So, he is Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 and I go as Carmen Miranda...fruit on head and all.

November: Hospitals and moving
Without going into great detail, I had to take my bro to the hospital and then after that ordeal we had to send him to a psych hospital for a week or so. Before he got out, Clint moved all of bro's stuff back to the parentals. This is where bro will be for awhile. The docs say he has Borderline Personality Disorder and the beginning signs of Schizophrenia. He is not allowed to work by orders of his state paid doc and we are hoping to get the dui and eluding police charges removed due to his mental capacity.

and.....and Clint moves in with me. ta dah.

Thanksgiving was good and a little bittersweet. The rest of the fam doesn't know about the bro's situation and kept probing why he had his forearms and wrists covered. He doesn't want anyone to know, so we will protect his wounds.

December: I've lost my Wisdom
The month begins with some achy teeth. I have had issues with the wisdom teeth and have delayed the removal process for some time. No more delay. Get them out! My two wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth are the ones that hurt and luckily they are already exposed. It was a small procedure with a lot of numbing and I was still wide a wake. Not too bad. I got a day off...woo hoo.

The rest of the month up until Christmas can be easily put: Shopping. An attempt to go back to the gym, fudge, cookies, a generous Christmas bonus, and more shopping.

But, I got a Wii! woo hoo. I got lucky on that one. And a crock pot. I think people are trying to change me.

Bro is doing great. As long as he is on his meds, he is pretty normal.

If you read the previous blog, you know that I gained a sister for Christmas.

Happy one year Anniversary to Clint and me....And my wrist still hurts.

So, the year so far is ending on a good note. Just 11 more hours of this 2007 year. Enjoy, be safe, take time to remember, take time to reflect, and take time to do things that make you happy.

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Mrs. G. said...

It looks like you had a pretty darn good year. Happy 2008...may it be even better!