Monday, December 03, 2007

I love my real life.

Update to running a marathon. I didn't train and I am not running in the marathon. I am known to be a very realistic person and after serious contemplation, I realized that my inability to jog a mile was not going to turn into the ability to jog 13 miles in a matter of 4 weeks. It may seem weak, but that's too much pressure to put on oneself especially during the holidays. I am going to set a more realistic be able to jog a mile period.

I have a lot of faith in myself and my capabilities, but I have a very realistic idea of my capabilities at the same time. I believe in pushing myself emotionally, physically, intellectually, and creatively and any other descriptive word ending in -ly, but come on. If I have a bad knee and my lungs can't handle a quarter of a mile, then why take the chance of injury to myself physically and emotionally. I want to be able to run a mile. I'll work on that and then I will work on the next mile. However long it takes, I will do it and I will do it carefully and smart.

My boyfriend thinks I am a worrier and that I am too cautious. But that is who I am and I love that I am the careful one. Just because I worry and I am careful does not mean that I am not adventurous. I have been skydiving, I hike, and I rock climb. I definitely don't live like a hermit. I just have a good sense of reality, a good sense of my surroundings, and a great sense of outcome and expectations. I can and I love to dream, but I live a real life too. I love my real life more than any unrealistic figment of my imagination.

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