Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Wonderful Christmas

2 days after Christmas day and I am still exhausted. Work is slow, so in my boredom I began to think of why this Christmas was just so wonderful. I mean, it had to be wonderful if I am still feeling so worn from it's greatness. 3 main things:

My brother
Long story short. My family has had a hard time in the later part of this year. We are lucky to have my brother this Christmas and we are lucky that he is doing well. One of the things that made my Christmas day was to see him happy, smiling, excited, and functioning like normal. There is no telling how the rest of his life is going to be since he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia in late October, but we are hopeful we will work together as a family to what is best for him. Also, after I opened my gift from him, I realized that he was able to get out in some stores and do a little Christmas shopping and pick out things himself. He has such a big heart and wants so badly for all of us to be happy. I love you, bubba.

My sister
I have never met my half sister. She is 11 years older than I am and until last Saturday, I had never spoken to her. She contacted our Father and then asked for me to call her. We had our first conversation on Christmas Eve. Amazing. I am looking forward to meeting with her and building a relationship with her that we have both missed out on. She seems just as excited as I which makes the whole situation even better.

My Clint
This was our first Christmas together and it was exciting and wonderful. We met a few days after Christmas last year, so we just missed the Christmas boat. So one year later, we are happy, we are young, and we are in love. He has been there for me through tough family times and I hope I have supported him whenever he needed it. His family is wonderful and I love my new life.

Emotions are high and there is still so much to come this following year. I hope everyone's Christmas was as amazing as mine and have a wonderful and safe New Year.

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Buttercup said...

It sounds like you have wonderful things to be grateful for. I'm happy the christmas holiday was a good one for you!