Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Welcom to my blog! It is a great morning. Snow is in the air and it is chilly this morning. I love it when it is cold becuase then I do not feel guilty about all the coffee I drink on a daily basis. This is the only reason why I like it when it is cold. In the summer, I just tell people "at least I do not smoke." Anyone else have an addiction or habit to coffee or anything similar that is not really life threatening, just for pleasure??

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s hamilton said...

Hi Deb,
I have a definite addiction to coffee especially Starbuck's lattes!! But I'll drink any coffee that is bold and fresh. I loved the snow the other morning and was sort of glad that it didn't stick on the roads...we live out just a bit from town and driving in ice and snow kindof bothers me. But it was soooo beautiful in the trees as I drove to school. And you're right Deb, coffee is so much better when it is cold out side. I get a little burned out on it when it is 105 outside! Talk again soon.