Thursday, January 12, 2006

New topic! I was watching Katie Couric this morning, which is routine while getting ready for work, and they were discussing the issue 'whether or not an empolyer should be allowed to fire or not hire someone becuase they smoke.' In Ohio, there is a company or are companies that practice this and it is not illegal. I have mixed feelings on this one. I am not a smoker and wish that the people closest to me, emotionally and most times those that are in my physical bubble, would not smoke. It gives you Cancer and you will more than likely die! For those of you who do not care and argue that we are all going to die sooner or later, that is fine, just don't blow it in my direction. I have enough things I do in my life that are going to kill me sooner or later and smoking is not one that I choose to die by. But, I am just not 100% sure that your employer should fire you for what you do to yourself on your PERSONAL time. I like to skydive, hike, rock climb, and anything else that could be potentially life threatening and adventurous, but it is done on my time and I should not be afraid I will lose my job over it. I can see their argument that health care costs are higher for the employees who smoke becuase of more requent health problems and sometimes cancer treatments that the company pays for. Is there not a way to make an addedum that states 'treatments to problems that can be directly associated with smoking are not going to be included in health care benefits provided by the company? ' or is it just easier to say "you're fired!"????? I heard they also provide counseling and treatments to those who are willing to try to quit smoking. Does this not cost money? Does anyone have any insight?? I would love to hear it!


awhit said...

Wow, I hadn't head about that. I don't think they should be able to fire them if they smoke at home, but they should be able to deny them health care because that does cost the company, and the other employees in that company...well, and actually anyone insured by that insurance company...more money. Smokers think they are only affecting themselves, but they affect everyone either financially by increasing claims on health insurance or physically by allowing their carcinogens into the air for us to have to breathe. Even people who aren't smoking around you, but have smoke in their clothing, cause health problems. You breath their fumes and that's bad for you. I just pretty muchly think smoking sucks but I don't think you should get fired for it.

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