Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok. So not only is it already a pain in the @$$ to go to the University workout facility becuase it is normally really busy with really young, good looking college sutdents, more than likely freshman; but do the the girls really need to wear as short of shorts as they are wearing? I think I saw the bottoms of a few butt cheeks that I could have finished the day without seeing. Not only do most of these girls show up to "work out" in really short shorts, but they barely mall walk around the track in groups of about 4 girls. This takes up the entire track and they are not even getting a workout at the pace they are moving; my dead grandmother could walk faster than they walk normally. They are probably afraid to move any faster than a snail in fear of actually breaking a sweat. The reason I mention this is because all these girls have full make-up on and probably do not want to mess it up...give me a freaking break already! If you work out anywhere, please try to wear something that your @$$ is not hanging out of and do not even think about working out if you need to wear make up. I am sorry if you wear make-up when you work out, but I think it is absolutely rediculous. I am only 23, not "fat", and I do not consider myself ugly and these girls get on my nerves! I can't imagine what my mom would think of it and I really don't consider her opinion on things.


Sara said...

I'm with ya on the shorts. I have not been to the workout center here, but I have been to class. I have seen too many butt cracks and tops of thongs sitting behind people in class. I am 23 too and I find it disturbing, I can't imagine how the professors feel about it. I wonder if they even know, they never actually have to go behind the desks. I think girls are dressing more and more inappropriate. I wear jeans an t-shirts, but at least no one can see my undergarments.

Ryan said...

I agree with you about the girls working out as well. I'm 27 and I think it is nasty how they show up with their butt hanging out of their shorts. The makeup is just funny though. They have no idea how ridiculous they look.