Thursday, June 02, 2011

Herb Garden

This year I decided I wanted to try having an herb garden.  Sparky and I normally go all out with our homemade garden every Spring, filling it with various tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and a fruit here and there.  We haven't been too lucky in the vegetable garden department since last year's hail storm wiped ours out completely and we never really recuperated our garden afterwards.  So, this year we decided to go a little lighter with only two tomato plants, some green bell peppers, banana pepper, and a cucumber plant.  I just can't give up on my cucumbers.  And then we decided to add a few herbs to see how that works out for us too.  The herbs we planted were Lemon Thyme, Italian Oregano, Sweet Basil, Curled Parsley, and English Lavender.

Sparky does such a good job of planting all of our goodies.

He's such a hard little worker.

Lemon Thyme

Italian Oregano

Sweet Basil

Curled Parsley

English Lavender

And there is always a dog to inspect sniff out the work. 

And if you are wondering what is in the hay is the tomato plants.  Sparky is testing out the hay bale idea again.  To plant your goodie of choice:

1.  Decide where in the hay bale you want to plant your goodie.  Dig out (or in Sparky's case, rip out) a hole in that place about half-way or a slightly more down the inside of the hay bale.
2.  Fill the hole with gardening soil.
3.  Plant your goodie!

Also, Sparky's sunflowers are growing like crazy!

And don't forget to feed your goodies!

Speaking of feeding...I can't wait to try some of my new herbs on a homemade pizza!  I've found the best quick and easy pizza dough recipe that I will share very soon!

Keep on Keepin on.

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