Saturday, June 18, 2011

Handmade Hanging Planter Boxes

A few months ago, Sparky and I were perusing one of our local greenhouses when I spotted a super cute and simple hanging planter.  I am not normally one for hanging flower planters but I really liked the one I saw that day.  It had a modern and Asian feel to it.  It was just wooden slats stacked to form a box.  The problem?  It was pricey...and I didn't really care for the flowers already in it.  I was contemplating getting it because I like it that much and I rarely like things very much.  Then Sparky set himself up by saying, "I could totally make that.  That's a rip-off."  So, I held him to it.  He made me the super simple, modern, Asian-feel hanging planters...all for free!

Luckily Sparky has a bunch of random crap laying around in our garage.  I don't know what half the stuff is and I prefer it that way.  If I start getting up all in his business then I will take control of it and it's best if I just let him have his garage crap the way it is...with a few minor must-have's and have-not's for the Mrs.  

Items used:
Wooden Stakes
Metal chain
Electrical Wire

Tools used:
Hand saw
Straight Edge
2 pliers

Sparky had a box of wooden stakes leftover from a cycling race that was just taking up space in our garage.  They were perfect for this project!  I'm sure you can find the amount of wooden pieces or stakes at your local home improvement store.  I wouldn't doubt it if these particular stakes came from Lowes or Home Depot.

Sparky started by cutting all the wooden stakes' sharp points off and also cutting the stakes to the desired size. 

Sparky then lined 15 stakes together.  He used a leveler for his straight edge to draw a straight line across all the stakes.  This line is the spot on each stake that a hole will need to be drilled.  He then repeated this step on the other end of the stakes so that there are two parallel lines.

Sparky then drilled a hole in each stake at each end where the line was drawn.  He tried to get it as center as possible on on each stake.

The next step was to start stacking the stakes in a square shape and to line up the holes as best as he could.

After the stakes were stacked to our desired height, Sparky then used the wire to snake through all the holes and tie all the stakes together.  He used pliers to cut the electrical wire.

When all four sides corners were tied, Sparky then took 5 more stakes and drilled them to the bottom of the box leaving spaces in between each stake to allow for future drainage.

Sparky had a bunch of this random metal chain laying in the garage.  He measured out the length from one corner diagonally to the other corner and guessed how much extra link would be needed to hang the planter.  He un-linked the chain (using two pliers) at the desired spot and then measured out an identical length for the other diagonal.

He then linked the chain to the electrical wire and tightened them together.  He repeated on all four corners.


Free handmade hanging planters using materials already owned.  Sparky made a total of four boxes in about 1 hour. 

We used moss at the bottom of the planter so that dirt would not fall through the spaces.  It also gives it a nice look with little bits of moss peaking out of the little slats.

*Yes, my flowers are dying.  It's been hot and I have a black thumb.  I've moved the flowers into the shade to see if I can save the poor babies.

Keep on Keepin on.


Heather said...

WOW!!! Those are super cool!!! Do they look just like the ones you wanted?!

Deb said...

Actually, they do look just like the boxes I saw! I love these. We have another one hanging in our backyard that has a fern in it and it is super pretty.