Monday, December 28, 2009

OKC Blizzard

So the OKC had a blizzard and Sparky has been trying to come up with the best name for it since the news stations haven't really done so...and they normally come up with the great dramatic names for events. We've narrowed it down to the following:

Christmas Blizzard '09!
The Great Christmas Blizzard of '09!
Holiday Snow Storm '09
The Great Christmas Holiday Snow Storm Blizzard of 2009!
OKC Blizzard Christmas 2009!
OKC Christmas Blizzard 2009!
The Great Abandon Your Car in the Ditch Because of the Snow Blizzard of 2009!
Let's Still Shop in a Snow Blizzard and Get Our Car Stuck in a Snow Drift Because it's Chrismtas 2009!

And of course to be politically correct or not? The use of Christmas or Holiday?

We can't decide if the use of "09" or "2009" is more dramatic.

So many decisions.

It's a work in progress.

Ruby has been trying to help sniff out the best name and she is at a loss too.


Your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.

Keep on Keepin on.


Bridget said...

ha ha! This is hilarious! I like the leave your car in a drift one!! and I think 09 has a little more dramatic impact!

It looks like Ruby is hot on the trail!!!!

Deb said...

i like that one too! it sums it all up.