Friday, May 08, 2009


Life is full of surprises.

A couple of weeks ago, my family celebrated my dad’s 65th birthday with a surprise Birthday Luau. First off, I am not, never have been and never will be much of a host. I prefer to take a very backseat and observatory role in social gatherings. I guess I’m just a little odd like that but I have come to accept this little quirk of mine. I love to watch and listen to others interactions and conversations.

So, we surprised my dad by telling him I wanted to cook dinner for him, my mother, and my brother at Sparky’s house. The suggestion that I wanted to cook dinner should have given something away in his head…he should know better than to think that I would do something like that. Anyway, one of the reasons for having it at Sparky’s house was that I knew my dad wouldn’t expect the entire family to be over there. And I was right!

He did not suspect a thing until he saw the little Hawaiian girl sign swaying in the wind in the front yard that said something like “Luau Here” or “Party Here”. He was super surprised and it was fun to do that for him.

This is a pic of myself, my mother, the birthday boy, and my awesome bro.

A few days following the party, a few girls from work and I were sitting and while we were discussing very serious work related matter...somehow my dad's birthday party came up in the discussion. Anyway, the girls I work with wanted to see some pictures from the birthday party, so I sent them a few. One of the girls, who is a good friend of mine at work and out of work became very curious about a couple of people in one of my pics. This co-worker of mine and I have worked together for almost a year now. The pics I sent had small captions explaining "who" and "what" and there was one particular picture that caused a HUGE surprise...below is the pic.

Meet my dad and my cousins. Also meet my dad AND my CO-WORKER's cousins!

That's right. We have the same cousins...through marriage. Now my co-worker and I aren't related by blood, but we still joke that we are related and she never thought she would have an Asian cousin. SURPRISE! You kinda do now! And if you want to meet my kind-of cousin, she has a blog too!!!

FYI: She's white too. Just sayin. I'm surrounded.

Don't you just love all of life's surprises? I do.

Keep on Keepin On.


C said...

WOW! That was quite the awesome surprise for your Dad! Yay, you!!! Oh, and I was shocked to read the second surprise! What a small world! That is too cool!

BTW, I'm going to send you some yummy chocolate from the Chocolate Works. I just wonder if it'll melt en route to you if I send it now. Maybe I should wait until the weather gets cooler again? LOL! Yeah...we're only now getting into the warmer weather! TTYS!

Deb said...

I heart chocolate!! any kind is good especially dark chocolate. I'm going to have to check out this chocolate works place you speak of...or just come to canada!! lol.

and the captcha is.... moness. :)