Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Picture Love

I've noticed that I hadn't posted pics in awhile so I decided to post some pics of a couple of cycling race trips. Sparky and I have been crazy busy between work, moving, 4 dogs, and his out of town cycling races. I have to say that I am quite relieved that we are home this weekend and next weekend. But, our small weekend trips are definitely fun.

That's the biggest pancake I ever did see.

Here come the Pros. This was last weekend in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Joe Martin Stage Race.

I'll just take pictures of my feet.

Should someone tell him he has to race in a couple of hours??

Someone is not a morning person.

No Swine Flu for us!

After Sparky's crit at Velo Tek in Kansas.

Kara and Jerry watching Sparky's crit at Velo Tek in Kansas.

Before the time trial at Velo Tek in Kansas.

Isn't that the goofiest outfit? You must be secure in your manhood to wear this.

Sparky and me at Jerry's birthday dinner.

Keep on Keepin on.


jmcqueen82 said...

yes, that is all well and good. I am glad you are enjoying yourself... but I MISS YOU! hehe (like my schedule has been any better!)

there will be a gathering of the people.... it will include you and me.... it will be happening soon. biatch.

my word to type was "menscram"

C said...

I've gotta say, Deb...You and Sparky look mighty fine together!!! XO