Thursday, March 06, 2008

What Would You Do With $200 Million

Do you play POWERBALL?? I normally don't only because I forget to buy a ticket. I'd actually love to have a bad habit of getting a POWERBALL ticket every Wednesday and Saturday. But the POWERBALL is up to $200 MILLION with a take home cash value of $99.2 Million!!!

So, what would you do? First, would you take the lump sum of $99.2 million or have them disupurse it out over however many years?

I would tell them to take their dumb taxes and give me the rest now!! But what would I do with almost $100 million?

1. Pay off my house.
2. Pay off my car.
3. Pay off my parent's house.
4. Pay off all debt I have and my parent's have.
5. But new home with land for myself and buy my parent's a new one too.
7. I'd probably buy a vacation home somewhere.
8. DONATE. I'd definately donate money to various charities. Mostly for starving and underpriviledged children and diseases that need cures.
9. Invest.
10. Live a comfortable lifestyle but not luxurious. I want that money to draw INTEREST, baby!
11. Write. I'd sit on my butt and write for a good time.

Sadly, I would expect my frugal ways would still emerge and exist on a daily basis. I'd give more money away and spend it on others rather than on myself.

What would you do with almost $100 million??!!!

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