Sunday, February 05, 2006

Adopt a dog

I have really been wanting to adopt a furry and loyal friend. I have been looking online at various dog rescue sites and local shelters. I have some favorite types of dogs but not sure how it would be to own one. I am also unsure of health problems that some of these shelter and adopted pets would bring along with them, but at the same time, some of these animals need just as much love as any human being. I went to Paws on Parade at PetSmart last weekend, and my heart just sank for all the lonely and homeless puppies and dogs. I almost feel guilty and selfish for wanting a full breed and fully healthy dog. These are some breeds of dog I am thinking of purchasing: Brussel Griffon, bulldog, rottweiller, golden retriever, maltese, yorkshire terrier. All are really cute when they are little and normally grow up to be pretty good looking dogs. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on any of these dogs? I would love all the dog advice I can get. Here are just a couple of sites I have checked out. -Edmond Shelter Oklahoma Golden Retriever Rescue Hurricane Katrina Relief

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