Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let Nature Take Its Course

Nature definately took its course and made my tiny getaway a big success. We had no idea that it was going to snow this past weekend and we were so pleased that it had. The ambiance of this cabin permeates you as soon as you pull in the dirt road entrance. The imagination is proven true to all of its anticipation as soon as we open the door and step into a cozy warm country home with its cinnamon and spice air. A definate success, a perfect little overnight or weekend retreat, and a place to feel like you are home away from home. The inability to use our cell phones, the cabinets and refrigerator stocked for our taste buds, and a crackling fireplace to accompany you as you read a book from the wonderful collection supplied in their bookcase. A strong recommendation from me anytime and I know I will return soon.

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Superstarfairy said...

The photos are fab!! Oklahoma has a lot of great B&Bs to entertain yourself and a love one. This place looks relly pretty. How was the weather? Looks like a great palce to be on a winter weekend!