Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Local Love & Green Goodies by Tiffany

If you didn't already know, I'm a huge supporter of buying local.  I love small businesses and the creativity and kindness that typically comes along with it.  OKC and the metro area have been promoting local businesses for a while now and the best part is that there are so many incredible local businesses to offer almost anything you might want.  

There are two really great cards you can purchase that will provide you with a little discount when presented at participating local businesses.  The "Keep It Local" card and the Allied Arts "OKCity Card".  They are broth great cards.  Sparky and I have both just in case a business participates in one and not the other.  I carry one around and Sparky carries the other so we are always supporting and discounting even without each other.  I love local and I especially love a discount!

One of my favorite little businesses to buy delicious little human treats (sorry doggies) is Green Goodies by Tiffany.  This cute little bakery recently moved into Classen Curve and added even more greatness to their menu options.  Although I did love the cute simple bakery Tiffany started out on Western, the new location is still simple and pristine with more organic goodness to try.  She still has the same whimsy organic style with a little bit more modern flare.  I love the white tables and chairs, the large window overlooking the outside seating area, the white tiles, the larger glass case for cupcakes, and the large pink wall with the simple green tree logo behind the counter.  

Now to the goodies!  Tiffany is still baking her amazing organic, gluten free, vegan, and diabetic friendly cupcakes that are so incredibly divine.  I actually think they are even better now!  I have tried almost every cupcake and I have yet to try one I didn't devour in less than a minute.  I know, not a great mental picture for you.  And, yes, I can't believe I just admitted to almost trying every cupcake.  Back to the point.  The Vegan Hostess cupcake is still my all time favorite cupcake.  It is so moist and flavorful.  The Sopapilla Cheesecake cupcake comes in a very close second and once you take a bite into this wonderfulness you will be in love as well.  I promise.  You can walk in and enjoy any fresh cupcake available that day or pre-order your batch for a party or event.  

New to the goodies list is organic frozen yogurt & toppings bar, fresh espresso & coffee, and teas.  The other day I tried their dark chocolate frozen yogurt and salted caramel frozen yogurt with a few little treats from their toppings bar.  I am a huge dark chocolate fan so this frozen yogurt is my new best friend.  It was a very dark rich chocolate with a nice smooth and creamy texture.  The salted caramel was also magnificent not being overwhelming with either salt or caramel.  It was the perfect blend.  I will definitely make this my frozen yogurt destination.  

Yesterday, I went in yet again to try out their coffee.  Their coffee menu has so many options and I am so excited about this.  They have lattes, mochas, macchiatos, regular coffee, and espresso.  They also have different syrup flavors in sugar or sugar free as well as milk options.  I ordered a 16oz sugar free vanilla latte with soy milk.  It was perfect.  It didn't take me long to drink my entire 16oz and wish I had ordered the larger size!  Although they don't open until 10am on most days, I will definitely make my after 10am coffee stops at Green Goodies.  If you're not into coffee, they also have organic teas and other cold beverage options.

If you haven't been by Green Goodies' new location to try out Tiffany's new goodies, you should definitely stop in for a treat.  They have extended hours now (8pm on weekdays and 9pm Friday & Saturday), so they are a great little local spot to have an after dinner treat and coffee with your friends or lovey.

P.S. I also picked up some day old cupcakes at half the price yesterday.  They were the Guinness and Baileys cupcakes and they were just as yummy being a day old.  Just sayin.

P.P.S.  They accept the "Keep It Local" card on cupcakes!  Now go get a goodie!

Keep on Keepin on.


jennyjenny82 said...

Took my parents here while they were in town last week (because of your glowing review). I had a sopapilla cupcake. OH.MY.GOSH.

Deb said...

I'm glad you liked it! They are so addicting! Well, at least for me they are. I hope your parents enjoyed the cupcakes too.