Sunday, January 08, 2012

Top 5 of 2011

As the New Year has quickly come upon us once again, I feel like I’m lagging in the resolution department.  It seems that everyone has made their promises to themselves of what they would like to accomplish in this 2012, and they are also full swing into making the promises come to fruition.  I, on the other hand, am still trying to figure out what I’d like to accomplish this year. 

2011 was filled with so much change, happiness and struggles…as I’m sure you feel the same for your year as well.  I debated back and forth on what kind of New Year post I wanted to share with you all and didn’t want it to be a long list of what happened in 2011.  At the same time, I didn’t share much of the last half of 2011 and I still need to get everyone caught up all the happenings that you’ve missed.

So, trying to be short, I will mention some of the highlights of this past year that really meant a lot to me.

  1. Sparky and I began our 2011 by making our relationship legal!  We are actually about to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and are still so stupid in love that I wonder what I did to deserve such happiness in love.  Our first year of marriage has flown by so quickly and we are looking forward to what the second year will bring us.
  2. Sparky and I went on our honeymoon in July.  Yes, I know it was 7 months after we were married, but it was definitely on purpose.  We experienced Sparky’s first overseas trip and he’s already begging to return.  We started our 10 day trip in Rome and then traveled to Paris for the Tour de France.  It was definitely a great experience for the both of us and we cannot wait to get our butts back to Italy!
  3. I changed jobs.  Yes, you all have not heard much about this and this has been the reason for my absence.  I got a great job offer shortly after returning from our honeymoon and it has definitely taken up a majority of my time.  It all happened so quickly and has just been a non-stop whirlwind ever since July.  I have forced myself to get back to more “me” time because one thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that EVERYONE needs to focus on what truly makes them happy and make time for it.  I still have to work on this every day.
  4. I’ve really grown so passionate about my barre3 workouts.  I need to have my workouts throughout the week to give me my balance, calm, and “me” time.  It’s definitely one of my loves in life and I am so grateful that I’ve found it.
  5. I finally got Sparky to replace our shower head.  OMG!  The difference a shower head can make on your body and mind.  Do not waste time.  It is a necessity in life. GET A GOOD SHOWER HEAD.  Just sayin. 

So those are my top 5 highlights for 2011.  Have you made your resolution/goals for 2012?  Do you feel behind as well?  I'm still working on some goals for 2012 and will share soon…I promise.  I might get to it by the time 2013 rolls around…which will probably happen sooner than we think!  

In the mean time, enjoy this cute little photo from our Honeymoon!

Keep on Keepin on.


♥Bree said...

I was just typing up my goals for 2012. I miss you like crazy. I'm glad your going to start blogging more again.

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