Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Treat: Rice Cake w/Peanut Butter & Apple

I am naturally a BIG SWEETS lover.  I'd be dandy just eating sweets, mostly dark chocolate, all day long if it was good for me.  Unfortunately, it is not as good for me as I like to sometimes justify in my mind.  Also, I pretty much like food in general and love to eat...constantly.  I crave and think about eating something literally ever hour on the hour.

When I first moved out on my own and started college, this hunger situation got the best of me.  I'm only 5ft. 1in. tall and in my early 20's I jumped from a cute 115lbs to a sizable 155lbs.  The last couple of years I've dropped the weight naturally and healthy and have become more mature about my eating habits and lifestyle; and you could say I'm on the fence of being labled a health nut...who likes to indulge on dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate almost daily.  I've found many substitutions for my sweet tooth and cravings that I will share often on  this blog.  I think talking about eating healthy and making mature, honest decisions about our health needs to be discussed more often rather than fad, bad, quick diets. 

My afternoon snack yesterday consisted of an organic whole wheat rice cake with organic creamy peanut butter and an organic pink lady apple.  It was scrumptious...and FILLING.  Those rice cakes sure fill you up!  This 3:30 pm snack definitely held me over through my barre3 workout until dinner so it's definitely a go-to snack for me.  It's quick, easy, filling, and guilt free!  Well, as long as you're pretty easy with the peanut butter. 

What's your go-to snack?  What ways do you curb your cravings without cheating yourself?

Keep on keepin on.

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