Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My Birthday Present

So my birthday isn't until later this month, but my wonderful husband informed me of what we are doing for my birthday.  And this totally DID NOT come about by me calling him yesterday morning and telling him exactly what he could get me for my birthday if he didn't already have something clever up his sleeve...

I'm going to see "A Chorus Line"!  EEEE!  My nerdy show choir heart is all a flutter.  Now, it's not Broadway in NYC but OKC will still get me jumping up and down and singing "One" and "Tits and Ass" and "At the Ballet".  It will be amazing and magical.    I think I have to whip out the old show choir videos from high school.  (Yes, I regularly watch "Glee" and dance around the house during some songs.)  My high school show choir did a medley of "A Chorus Line" and since then it has been one of my very very top fave muciscals of all time.

Opening " I hope I get it"

Have you seen it?  What's your favorite musical?  Or do you hate musicals?  What's your favorite song from "A Chorus Line"? 

P.S.  I always imagined that I could at least get the part of the little Connie Wong.  Am I Asian enough?  hmmmmm.... I should go rehearse.

Keep on Keepin on. 

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