Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Long Weekend Rundown

Sparky and I had a long holiday weekend jam-packed full of greatness.  We took advantage of the 3-day weekend by making it a 4-day weekend instead.  It was glorious.  We played hard and got a little bit of rest somewhere in there.

Our weekend consisted of (I'll try to go in order if possible):
3 barre3 workouts
140 miles of bicycling
Home depot looky-loos
Antique shopping
Being a landlord
Picking up our honeymoon travel docs
A little travel necessity shopping at Traveler's Pack
Cookout at Natalie's (YUMMM) and meeting new peeps
Random summer thunder and rain
Comforting dogs frightened by thunder
Yard work
Brunch with friends at Cafe Kacao (one of our new faves)
Saw the movie "Bad Teacher"
Scrumptious veggie lasagna and red pepper potato soup at Saturn Grill
Delicous homemade Vegan blueberry pancakes using this recipe with almond milk and fresh blueberries
Indoor rock climbing at Rocktown
Cleaning out storage shed (ack)
Pizza at The Wedge with friends
Washing machine war
Episode of "Falling Skies" and staying up late cause we can
Washing machine shopping and amazing sales (yay!)
Ordering a veggie burger and eating two bites of beef burger (grrr)
Moving all tools from garage to storage shed (ack) to make it a tool shed (yay)
House cleaning (ack)
Playing with my label maker (woo hoo)

I think I need a nap!  What did you do this past holiday weekend?  Did you relax and get some much needed rest or did you play hard?

Keep on Keepin on.

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