Friday, March 25, 2011

So Mischievous

It's a gorgeous Friday and I'm so ready for the weekend!  What makes this Friday even better?  I just got the DVD of all our wedding pics yesterday and there are SOOOO many!  So, I am perusing them and trying to figure out how in the heck I will pick out just a few to a) post here on this wee widdle blog and b) which to print to boost our egos every so often.  (They are all so awesome and amazing!) As I am perusing, I'm dancing in my chair to one of my all time favorite jams....a little "Purple Rain" by Prince and the Revolution.  woot woot!  While dancing along to my kickin-ass jam, I came across the following beauties and just had to share.  This is how you get ready for your wedding nuptials, peeps!

Don't fret.  Just Enjoy.

So mischievous. 

Keep on Keepin on.

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Jenny said...

good grief you are one pretty lady!