Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lunch Time Shenanigans

Working for a design firm, even though I am not an interior designer, has many perks.  Greatest perk of all???  Having friends that are interior designers!  I get to tag along to cool home stores and learn about cool home interior lingo and stuff.

One of my friends just purchased a home and is in the midst of remodeling before her cute little family officially move in to their new digs.  So, yes, I've been priviledged enough to join in a couple of lunch time errands with her.  Last week I got to venture with her to look at slabs of granite for her new kitchen counters!  It was uber exciting!  I know....nerd alert, right?

Well, this week was the icing on the cake!   Yesterday I got to join in on a little excursion to the Habitat Renovation Station!  eeeeeee!!!  I'm giddy just thinking about it!  I was a picture taking fool with my camera phone.  I'm sure people walking around thought I was beyond nuts.

What is the Habitat Renovation Station?  It's a great idea is what it is!  Below is directly from their website.

COHFH’s Renovation Station sells new, used and vintage building supplies and materials, appliances, furniture, and other household items.   The Habitat Renovation Station is open to the public. Proceeds from sales go to Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity and we anticipate that Renovation Station stores will fully fund 6 to 8 Habitat houses this year.

This place is not only in place for a great cause but it is also a DIYer's dream!  They had everything from knick knacks to granite scraps!  Items we perused included furniture, kitchen towels, mailing supplies, window curtains, painting supplies, large and small tiles, toiliets, cabinets, dishes, appliances, tools, and so much more!

Be still my heart! Drawers! I have a weird crush on random old drawers. I think they are just so imperfectly beautiful. Especially when they are on rows of shelves to purchase...

There were a couple of rows of doors!  Need an old door?  Need a vintage door?  Need a fairly new door?  Need a glass door?  Need a french door?  Need a sliding door?  Need a storm door?  Pretty sure I saw all of the above...and old shutters!

Need a new to you chandelier or light fixture? Old, brass, wooden, glass? Pretty sure they have it covered.

I have a slight obsession with chairs.  I blame it on the wedding.  These would have been perfect!

Elephant rug anyone?  Sorry...just had to throw that one in there.  tee hee.

Talk about a tape measure!  I'd measure everything in site with this hunk of measuring love.

My chair obsession contiues.  This orange is beautiful!  The left arm was slightly damaged but absolutely fixable.  And it  was only $5!  If only I could convince Sparky that we "need" it.

Need a nail or a screw?  They have all kinds!

One of my favorite moments.  Sink anyone?  So many ideas with all the colorful sinks.  Check out that green sink!  Natalie was eyeing the sink's faucet knobs I think.

They even have various tools.  This tile cutter could be used we or dry and was only $49.  I was eyeing it for Sparky because we are about to do a bathroom remodel.

It was a grand old time with you, ladies.  We should do this again in the near future.
Keep on Keepin on.


heather said...

I am dying for the orange chaie, green sink, random drawers...I guess everything you took a picture of! I guess Paige and I need to cruise down there!!! Fun!

Natalie said...

I do believe this is my first web-based presence (you know, since I'm anti-FaceBook)...It's hard to say what's more exciting..digging through junk with you or being a celebrity on your blog (hehehe, only kidding)....