Thursday, February 03, 2011

To Gush or Not To Gush

While I was begrudgingly getting myself dolled up for work this morning [ I say "begrudgingly" because I've happily been locked up in the house for the last couple of days with the hubby even though I've been having some chest congestion with the cough from hell.  Leaving wedded snowed-in bliss and returning to work with the cough from hell is just not my idea of something to add to my "favorite things" list.]  But, I usual.  Back to the I was getting myself dolled up I told myself to not forget my memory card at home and to bring it with me to work so that I could quickly share some photos with you all...and I forgot. 


Sparky was hurrying me this morning so that we could ride to work together and in the midst of trying to get bundled up and saying good-bye for the day to my sweet babies, I forgot the dang picture holding angel. 

So, I promised more blogging.  I wanted so deperately to share photos becuase I strongly dislike sharing a blog with you all without a photo...or two, or least.  I had this whole post planned in my head and it will just have to wait.  I then contemplated about what I should share...

the mouse ran up the clock

Why not post, obviously, about my recent nuptials?  Ok.  I could do that.  But how do I do that without giving it all away before all the amazing photos are available?  Then I remembered the #1, numero uber uno question I have consistently been asked since we got married a whopping 12 days ago...

How's married life?

hmmm.  My answers started out with the  automatic, "great!" or similar exclamation.  They slowly changed to, "well, it's only been a few days, it's the same so far"...and then I thought to myself "do people really expect you to say something along the lines of disappointing, or boring, or something just awful?? Of course not, dingy! - or so I hope.

Today, I'm asking myself this question.  "How's married life?"  I can't really give a legitimate wise answer here; and I know that's not what most people are expecting.  People really just want to know you're happy.  Pretty simple stuff there.  I could definitely gush over my husband and how incredible he is and how incredibly lucky I am that he loves me so much...because that's the absolute truth...but I am a realist at times too.

Sparky and I have been together for two years now.  We didn't grow up together, we didn't meet in college, heck, we didn't meet at our first job out of college either.  Our love story is different in many ways and not so different in many other ways as well...but it's our love story.  In the grandeur picture of life, we have not known each for long, but we've known each other long enough to know we want to spend the rest of our lives experiencing it together. 

Sparky and I knew pretty quickly that we were the perfect match for each other.  After four months of dating and being practically inseperable, we made the decision to move in together.  We started talking about marriage 6 months after that.  Prior to Sparky I had never seriously discussed marriage with any of my boyfriends.  Marriage was something that I never really was in a rush or hurry to experience.  I've always had a sense of independence and attitude that I can do it all on my own...which is probably why I never really get too close to people.  That's how I knew Sparky was the one.  I wanted to be close and I wanted to share and experience life together.  I didn't want to control it all the time and most importantly, I knew Sparky was someone I'd be able to learn from without feeling like I wasn't losing myself. 

How is married life?  My anwer is "I don't know"...ask me again in about 3 years or even 5 years and I MIGHT have an answer filled with some sort of wisdom.  As for today, I can tell you that I adore and love my Sparky.  I love every little perfection and every little imperfection.  I love his quirks and his quirkiness.  I love his sense of adventure and I love his maturity.  I love that when it's 0 degrees outside he will crawl under the house to get the frozen water pipes unfrozen.  I love how he loves our dogs.  I love his passion and his determination (which can also be categorized under "perfections" and "imperfections" depending on my mood).  I love how he will call around to find me soup when I'm not feeling well even though we both know that majority of OKC is shut down due to a blizzard.  I love his mind.  I love his loyalty.  I love that I don't fear that I will lose my independence with him.  I love how he loves me.  I love my husband.  Marriage is pretty good.  Then, again, our relationship always has been.  Not much has changed except that it's even better than before.

Keep on Keepin on.

P.S.  I guess I did end up gushing about my husband in the end!  I just couldn't help it.

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