Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music To Your Ears: Adele

This morning while doing the same old stuff, I got a trusty little music treat in my email.  One of my girlfriends sent me a link to listen to Adele's new album titled "21" located on NPR.  I'm an uber lover of all things NPR, so this little link was filled to the brim with excitement for me...I know...nerd alert much?  Anyway, I had to share with you all too.

Adele's new album "21" is a fun surprise.  Adele fan's created from her first album "19" are in for a very satisfying and dance in your seat musical experience.  The first song "Rolling In The Deep" kicks off the album perfectly with her sultry voice combined with a nice beat...can't complain a bit about that.

You can either listen to the album in its entirety (which I recommend) or you can listen to individual tracks.  The album is scheduled to be released in the US next week on February 22nd.  Happy listening!

You should definitely check out her tiny desk concert while you're at well as other tiny desk concerts on NPR.

Keep on Keepin on.

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