Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dresser...check. Life...to be continued.

Two Sunday's ago was completion day for the dresser and nightstands in our guest bedroom.  If you remember from this post of the first nightstand test project, the furniture is/was a nasty dark cherry brown.  Now at least the dresser and nightstand are a new white with new hardware.  The sleigh bed and armoire are next for transformations.  Since the room is all miss-matched, all you get to see it the dresser for now.  lol. 

 Dresser all done.  Yay! You can see the footboard of the untouched bed in the bottom right...ew.

I will have to say, that making over furniture is not the easiest project for a beginner...especially me.  I give uber props to those that have mastered furniture makeovers.  High five, yal'll!  I'm not a naturally crafty person.  My creativity is normally restricted to a pen and paper, but even that seems to be seriously lacking lately.

I am in need of extensive motivation, inspiration, and change.  You may experience overwhelming randomness on this blog due to the beforementioned necessities.  I apologize now or you can thank me later.  We shall see.

Keep on Keepin on.

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Heather said...

Wow!!!! This looks soooo pretty! And BRAND new! Great hardware choice sista!! I love the contrast of the mirror and the mix of metals--so so "in":) It is hard work re-doing things but it is SO worth it and in my experience, you are so much more proud of those pieces and help the good ol environment too! Bravo, can't wait to see the rest! That's my cheer/pep talk for the day! You guys have been busy, I haven't seen you in ages!!