Sunday, August 22, 2010

Changes in Dining

For the last few months, I have been wanting to get a new dining table.  With all the other changes going on around our home, a new dining table chosen by both Sparky and I just seemed like the next best thing. 

You see, Sparky never really liked my dining table and chairs.  When we moved in together, my dining table and 8 chairs were one of the few things I was adamant about having in our home.  I loved my dining room table and 8 chairs because a) they are pretty awesome in my opinion and b) they were my first big grown-up furniture purchase when I bought my own house 3 three years.  When I put my house up for rent and moved in with good-ole Sparky, my big dining table and all 8 chairs were coming with me... our first big compromise I guess. 

This is a pic of the the dining table in our home.  We only have 6 chairs set out but there are actually 8 chairs.

So, after a year and 4 months of living together and me perusing furniture stores online constantly, I found a few dining tables I really like...and decided it was time to compromise in return with Sparky.  Our first big furniture purchase chosen putting together a list in which Sparky may choose from only that list (tee hee).  It's only fair that we can dine together at a table we both thoroughly enjoy, right?

In preparation of our new dining table purchase, I decided to post an add on Craigslist for my dining table and 8 chairs.  I had actually been procrastinating with this task until I was fully confident about my decision.  This afternoon around 1:00 pm, I actually did it.  I posted my dining table and 8 chairs for sale on craigslist thinking that it would take a few inquiries before it would actually sell.  Nope.

My for sale ad went up at 1:50 pm and my first interested buyer contacted me at 2:19 pm.  She scheduled to come over to see it around 5:30 pm, showed up exactly on time, walked around it once, and was sold.  She bought it right there and had someone on their way with a truck to come get it.  Now it's 6:52 pm and my first big grown-up furniture purchase from 3 years ago is gone.

Let's have a moment of silence....


burp (oh, excuse me)

I know it's just a table and chairs and it's just stuff, but I was actually slightly sentimental about this ordeal.  I'm glad it happened the way it happened.  Quick.  No real time to think or hesitate. 


Now we don't have a dining table!!!  I didn't think it would sell that quickly!  So, now Sparky and I need to narrow down our new dining table choices...and you can help!!  Here we go...

First off, I love West Elm.  You have to check our their modern and earth friendly (green living) items.  Plus, all their items seem so natural and beautiful while still being so incredibly inviting, luxurious, and comforting all at the same time!  I have a serious crush on them and have been looking for a reason to buy something from them for some time why not a dining table??!!

My first favorite is the Terra Dining Table for $499.  This table is "Eco-chic dining. Simple, clean-lined table crafted of FSC certified woods with a raw, textural ash veneer."

The next table option is the Modern Farm Dining Table for $599 (available in natural and chestnut).  This table is "The classic farm table, updated with clean lines and the rich, smooth grain of sungkai wood veneer. The grain differs from piece to piece, making each piece totally unique." 

Our last choice...and is Sparky's the Slab Dining Table for $499 from CB2.  This table is "not so vanilla. Spare slab on slab design reflects a softer shade of modern in hi-gloss oat (think white + the color of cement). Seats six easy. Wood composite with hi-gloss lacquer finish."

I would have to say that I am actually also leaning toward the Slab Dining Table from CB2 even though I so desperately want to buy something from West Elm because of their green living and natural attitude.  But, I've been trying so desperately to lighten up all our furniture that the slab cement color seems like it would fit in the very best...with that said, the other two tables would still look beautiful in our home!  ugh.

Please share you opinion!  Which do yo like best?

Keep on Keepin on.

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