Monday, May 31, 2010


Sparky and I took some well needed time off from work last week.  We decided not to travel anywhere this past vacation week, but instead stay home and relax.

yeah right.

If you know us, relaxation is normally not at the top of our list of "to-do's"...and we normally have quite a lengthy list of "to-do's".

So far this week, we have changed out two outside lights, put up some pretty shnazzy house numbers, painted the front door bright red, made ANOTHER compost bin, changed out all the hardware on all the interior doors, replaced two circular windows on the front of the house, purchased a NEW vehicle, purchased two new big planters for the front porch (but are waiting on soil from the new compost bin to plant something in them), removed all the guttering from around the house due to damage from the hail storm, removed our aluminum back porch patio cover that was also damaged from the hail storm, and painted a closet wall.

What else?

and we went to the zoo for a few hours for some down time.


I'm tired...  And we have to go back to work tomorrow.

I'll recap with photos on just a few things at a time in order to not overwhelm myself.

This is a picture is of the old numbers and fog light that were set above and between our two garage doors.  They were definitely not anything special to look at and probably not ever really noticed.

This is where they once used to be located.  Sparky removed them quicker than I could remember to grab my camera!  You can still see the plate where the fog light used to be connected.  You can still also see the indented stain those awful poop colored numbers left on the brick above where the fog light used to be located.  ew.

This is what we put in place of the fog light.  So much better in our opinion.  Silver and clean lines is more our style.  We also purchased it's mini version to replace the front porch light.

Below is a picture of the first coat of paint of our front door.  It was previously white.  I would go take a picture of the finished front door...but I'm too tired right now.  This is what you get.  Sorry.  Also, you can see the mini version of the garage light we changed out (in the upper right hand side), and one of the new big planters.

Below are the two big planters we got for the front porch.  They were such a good steal at TJ Maxx!  They were only $50 each!  woot woot!

And my most favorite item change for the front of the house is...our house numbers!  We re-located them from above the garage light to the side of the garage leading to our front porch.  We also decided to change them from reading left-to-right to reading up-and-down.  I love their silver and sleek straight lines and how they float away from the house.

That is all for now.  I'll share our other projects very soon!

Keep on Keepin on.


Heather said...

I forgot to tell you I LOVE the pots and even made a special trip to TJ Maxx because I have been trying to locate a tall skinny turquoise one to put by the front luck but glad to know they have'em! I so love the front door too!!

Deb said...

Thanks! and if I spy a tall skinny turquoise planter...i'll let you know!!!