Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clean Up - Hail Storm Style

Stupid hail storm.

The OKC area was severely hit with a definitely memorable hail storm this past Sunday late afternoon.  I am unable to put into words the experience and damage it caused to homes, vehicles...and


Stupid hail storm.

Many people are definitely grateful for home owners, renters, and auto insurance this week.  My car got some damage but other people got far worse damage.  I keep telling Sparky we are pretty lucky since we didn't have any broken windows on our home or our vehicles.  We will need a new roof, back storm door, and patio cover.  We are actually glad about these items though so it kind of works out for us.  The only annoyance really is that we will definitely have to start over on our little garden... and I know we are more than lucky that's our biggest dilemma at this point.

But these little banana peppers survived!!!  I told Sparky..."un-ba-reev-able" (like an Asian)

So, there is a lot of clean up but nothing that can't handled and paid for by great insurance.   Our back patio is covered in leaves.  There is a brick patio underneath there somewhere.

 We are grateful since we do know that there are many that are not so fortunate.

But if you want to see it in action (and you haven't already seen this), here is a cool and popular video of the storm in action.  You have to at least watch about 2 minutes into it...that's when the hail got really strong.  This video was taken just a few block from our home.

Keep on Keepin on.


JennavieveM said...

I know a handsome roof salesman that you could call.

Kim said...

Sorry to see your poor veggies were victims of the storm. That stinks.

Danielle Bailey said...

As you've already said, at least your biggest problem from that hail storm is the loss of your garden. Thankfully there were some survivors there. While it can be annoying to have parts of the house repaired, at least it's a chance to replace them with better, stronger materials so the next time they can better withstand another hailstorm like this one. Your roof is one example, since it's one of the most important protective structures of the house. One has to make sure every part of the roof is functional and maintained.

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