Monday, January 04, 2010

A Promise Kept

Do you remember those 6-some-odd months when Sparky was studying for his big test for work and I was the best girlfriend in the whole wide world who would cook him dinner every night after work while he studied and then I would (mostly) leave him alone to study every night without bugging him for anything hardly at all? Do you also remember when I told you that Sparky promised me that he would focus on turning the dog room into Babalou's very own writing room?

Yes. I do. and Sparky kept his promise. (check)

In either late October or early November, Sparky and I ventured over to the local home improvement store and searched for paint. I new that I wanted something kind of light grey and cool for the walls. Although I am absolutely awful at picking out paint colors due to my impatience with standing amongst so many color options for such a long period of time and I am INCREDIBLY indecisive, Sparky and I found a color we thought would be perfect... or at least the color swatch seemed like it would be pretty darn perfect if anything.

I was originally inspired months and months ago by this photo.

I instantly printed out the litter bugger and taped it to the grody orange brown color that used to be on the walls. Sparky and I would see this picture every time we went into the room. My taping the picture to the wall was also an obvious hint that I didn't want and wouldn't let Sparky forget his promise. That's how I roll.

So, the weekend before Thanksgiving (aka the week I got shingles, ugh!) we (when I say we, I mean Sparky) painted the grody orange brown to a beautiful cool grey...and I could not have been happier with the color choice! It was more perfect on the wall than on the color swatch! woot woo! I've never had that happen!

The before pic of the awful room and it's color. ew. I think Sparky was just looking for an excuse to paint over it.

I think Ruby likes change.

The inspiration taped to a chair in the can't miss that when you walk in, right?

But between me being sick and all the holiday happenings, my writing room got put on hold for a little bit. Which is totally fine with me because I had decisions to make on furniture...and I'm really bad at two things: Spending money on myself and deciding on what to spend my mentally alloted amount of money. I'm definitely not an impulse buyer. Ask anyone who knows me.

Anywho, my inspirational picture had the right start for me. I knew I wanted white furniture. I knew I wanted a desk (a great desk) the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "It's all about the desk" the desk decision was an integral piece of the puzzle. It had to be white. It had to have clean lines. It had to be modern. It had to be stylish. It had to be cozy. It had to be comfortable. It had to be capable of invoking inspiration. It had to be able to pull out the words from my mind. It had to invite me everyday to enjoy my thoughts. It had to be smart. And... it had to be...affordable (cheap).

I also wanted a bookcase. I've always wanted a nice large bookcase capable of housing all my books and future books I know I will someday covet. I think bookcases and the books within them can unveil a lot about an individual; such as there personality, their past, and the person they aspire to become.

And the chair. My dilemma. All white furniture was my definite but I wasn't sure if I wanted a white chair. The chair needed to be just as comfy and inviting as the desk but I was leaning towards using the chair to jazz up the white and grey in addition to all the colors of the books.

So, Ikea was my answer. Have I ever told you how I heart Ikea? I mean really. This place is a dream. I have yet to know anyone who couldn't find something at Ikea they liked, especially for the great prices! I had been searching online for a couple of months and had narrowed down my choices; but I needed so desperately to see my dream items in person and to sit and sample the desk options...unfortunately, the nearest Ikea is 3 hours away. boo.

So, after the writing room was painted and I knew I needed to wander around the Ikea store for a few hours, I kept bugging Sparky to drive us down there...he was not as gung-ho as I was. That's for sure. Something was always far more pressing on the weekends or I was sick. ugh. So the weekend after Christmas I had it set in my mind that during the long weekend of the celebration of the New Year, Sparky and I were going to Ikea and nothing was going to stop us...

Except me getting sick again. I took off work on Thursday and we had New Years Day off...but I was still too tired on Friday. I rested up on Friday and was determined that Saturday was going to be the day. I was going to be up and ready for this adventure.

and I was! yay! We left in the morning and were in the Ikea store around 11:38am (I only remember that because we had just missed the free breakfast!!!! dang-o!) After some very difficult decisions, mind changing (my notorious strategy), and strong confidence that my new desk, bookcase, and chair would not fit in the car with the hatch down all three hours back home Sparky and I were finally on our way.

FYI...we couldn't see each other the entire ride home. Don't do this at home, ya'll. This definitely was not our shining moment in intelligence.

View of the back with the hatch open...after we made it home.

My view from the passenger's seat...not a great view in my opinion.

..but did I mention that Sparky actually did pass his big engineering exam for work?!!! yay! Good thing fitting oversized furntiture into a small car was not on the exam. whew.

But we made it home. Our lesson has certainly been learned. I hope.

Here's the room right after we put the desk and chair together.

As you can see, I went with a colorful chair to jazz up the space. It has the grey and white with the orange bursts that really stuck with me. The shape of the chair is cool and funky and quite comfortable too!

I went ahead and added the curtains for privacy. eh. Definitely not my fave and not the look I'm going for; I have my eye set on the White Ruffle Curtains from UO. These were curtains we had in the cabinet and although I love the sheer white curtains, I need the option for privacy too. When I save up some more mulah for the right white curtains, those will go up, but for now these will do. Don't worry, during the day when the sun is shining, the curtains will definitely be opened up for natural light. duh.

The bookcase!

Chewy can't figure out what the heck is going on in the house today. There's a bunch of stuff all over the floors and none of the dogs are allowed to play with it! The shame.

I think Sparky might have it all handled.

Voila! The complete bookcase, desk, and chair.

I went ahead and emptied out my boxes of books, but I have a feeling that most of the books will get re-organized a handful of times.

Apparently, we exhausted the help...

and myself. These feet of mine are going to bed.

Don't you love it when a promise is kept?

Keep on Keepin on.


Sara Louise said...

What a great way to start the new year! Your very own space plus a super snazzy chair (I really like the chair!). Enjoy your space :-)

♥Bree said...

i LOVE it. i is completely you and looks great. The dogs bed is cute, i dont remember that from last time..The book shelf has to be my favorite though, i like it alot..

jmcqueen82 said...

WOW! That is a lot of hard work! It looks fantastic though! Great job Debbie!! (And Sparky, and Ruby)

Bridget said...

Way to go Deb! I love it when you make decisions!! Love all the white!

And you wouldn't be babalou if you didn't reorganize something! I can still hear you saying "Why is this DVD in with the A's??"

Deb said...

Sarah Louise- you're right! It is a great way to start the year! I hadn't thought about it that way. I'll try to enjoy the chair and my new space as much as possible.

Bree - I absolutely heart the bookcase. I almost bought a smaller version but Sparky convinced this one would be much cooler...I'm glad I listened! The dog bed is kinda new too. Sparky made it a few weeks ago out of an old piece of furniture he had broken apart in the garage. Our dogs promote recycling too! haha!

J-I'm sure Sparky is glad it's done. It was a lot of hard work on his part since he wanted to be sure it was perfect. He really wanted to make sure I was happy. awwww. bleh.

B- I totally remember be obsessing over the DVD's!! Man. I think I've either gotten really lazy or I've come a long way since then because I rarely look at my DVD's anymore. :)

C said...

OMG!!!! I am sooooooooooooo jealous!!!

First, congrats to Sparky on passing his test! Yay!

Second, now that is a good man you've got there, sista!!!


I cannot tell you how I DROOLED over the pics!!!! I want my house to look as amazing as yours!!! Please, please, please come over here and give a sista some help! LOL!

Funny, the word ver is "reart". Reminds me of redecorating my house with new art or making it look like a piece of art. much potential for this old farm house we live in, but that would entail tying up lots of $$$ into renos!!