Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cold, Cold, Go Away

In honor of the next snow/ice storm lurking around the corner and soon to be making me incredibly cranky this Thursday through probably the entire weekend, I figured I share with you Sparky and I's latest attempt at keeping warm, energy efficient, and GREEN!

Sparky and I live in an old house built in the 1940's. It is drafty and cold...and I mean COLD. Not only is it stone-cold, butt-shivering, teeth-chattering cold all on it's own natural accord, but Sparky is one of those guys that doesn't want to be shocked or go into convulsions when the next natural gas bill comes popping up in the mail. So, 65 degrees is the warmest I ever see the thermostat, which is rare also. The thermostat stays at 60 degrees or lower when bedtime arrives. There is nothing more annoying than having to get up in the morning from underneath the warmth of 500 blankets in order to deal with stone-cold, butt-shivering, teeth-chattering cold. I have a constant inner battle between the idea of a little bit more money in my pocket or the convenience of warmth. Ugh!


Old house.

The insulation was probably about 30 years old in itself and maybe an inch deep. The first time I went up into the attic of the house, I instantly thought there was not enough insulation up there. During the OKC Snow Blizzard of Christmas 2009 that had temperatures in the single digits, Sparky finally concurred with my insulation observation.

When the weather got "decent", Sparky dedicated a weekend to Greening the house with Green Fiber insulation. yay! hurray!


I have to help?

There are 40 bags?

Are you kidding?


Enjoy the many faces of green insulation.

With the exception of me clogging up the machine on my first attempt...it went well. It was fairly easy, not too time consuming, and affordable (especially since it's a tax right off!) If I can do it...you can too. Trust me.

Hopefully the new insulation will make a difference in the upcoming snow blizzard. I'm crossing my fingers.

Keep warm! and...

Keep on Keepin On.


Bridget said...

I'm thinking my house could use some of this too! It's been pretty chilly.

C said...

Wow! Green insulation! Too cool! Oh, and I love that your house was built in the 1940s! How beautiful it must be! I love older houses! They've got so much character and history.

BTW, our house stays around that temp all the time too! LOL!