Tuesday, November 10, 2009

P90X...Week One

I woke up this morning in good spirits and little to no soreness. This relief was a far cry from the torture of last night’s P90X video and the agonizing pain I endured all day Sunday and Monday due to Saturday morning’s battle with Tony. Relief today is an understatement.

Yesterday, I was Miss Waddles-A-Lot. I could barely walk or sit down to use the restroom without cursing my workout from two days ago. Dang you, workout! I will defeat you, I promise!

Last Tuesday was the beginning of P90X. Carnie and I committed to each other for the next 13 weeks to prove we too could have lean chiseled bodies in which Tony promises. I actually just wanted to see what the workout was like. I had heard so many people, many of them athletes, claim that P90X is/was one of the hardest workouts they ever did. I, of course, had to see for myself.

Day numero uno. We should have started Monday, but something came up. So Tuesday was our first day; but we started with the second video in the Lean program so that we would not get off the P90X schedule. This video was Cardio. It was actually fun! I like the cardio. It left me hopeful and thinking, “I can do this.”

Day dos. (I don’t know why I am counting in Spanish...it just feels right.) Arms, shoulders and ab ripper X. Don’t forget the “x”, ya’ll. Arms and shoulders were not so bad. I did have spaghetti arms when it was all said and done, but it was definitely do-able. Now, as for the super duper Ab Ripper X...don’t forget the “x”...

I hate you.

I hate Ab Ripper X. The “x” can go “x” off somewhere. Worst 15 minutes of my life. I was definitely defeated and all hope was lost.

Day tres. Yoga. Oh, how I love thee. Yoga, you are the best. With the exception of my sweaty hands slipping all over my yoga mat causing my downward dog to constantly force me into a pseudo plank position; and my sweaty feet slipping causing me to grip the mat with super uber toe strength, in turn ripping the mat...I heart yoga. I’ll wear socks next time and lay a towel down where my hands go...compromise is my specialty.

Plus, Carnie had work stuff on this night, so Sparky stepped in and did the yoga with me. Yoga is totally worth it on its own, but add a non-flexible male who has never done a second of yoga in his life and it is worth all the aches and pains soon to come...

Friday. Break. I suck. Pizza was far more appealing.

Day quatro. Saturday morning. 8:30 am. Little did I know when I woke up at 7:00am that at 8:30am I would be meeting my doom. Good thing I got some coffee and vacuuming in before impending death occurred. (yes, vacuuming relaxes me...don’t judge)

Legs, back, and my biggest foe, ab ripper X. screw off, “x”. An hour of legs and back didn’t sound so bad in the beginning. My tree trunk thighs are pretty strong...so I thought. I swear that in one of the sets of one legged lunges I felt my muscle rip in my thigh...I swear. Too bad there wasn’t any immediate or short-after pain to back up my claim. Dang it. This hour of torture and pain caused one of the few times I’ve ever had spaghetti legs. Even 20 plus miles on a bike didn’t cause this pain. As for the ab ripper X, I brought it (better than before) this time. I will not let you defeat me.

So, what did Carnie and I do after our 1 hour and 15 minutes of legs, back, and abs? We did what any normal girls would do to make them feel better about themselves...we got a carb-filled breakfast, expensive coffee, and went garage selling. Woo hoo! As soon as I found the original Trivial Pursuit in perfect condition with all the pieces for just $2...my morning was all better. Now I can work on memorizing all the answers!

Sunday. Can’t move. Calf muscles feel like they are trying to rip away from the bone in revenge from the 90 calf raises the day before. My glutes (that’s muscle talk for “butt”) have shooting pain every time they jiggle (which is a lot). I woke up feeling like I could get through the day’s workout, Kenpo.

I still don’t know what the Kenpo video looks like. I’ll find out later this week.

So, obviously, Sunday was another break day. Carnie and I rock.

Last night, Monday, was Core Synergistics. Remember, all day I was Miss Waddles-A-Lot. I still tried to tough through the Core Synergistics as much as out-of-shape humanly possible. 50 minutes...we skipped the bonus round. Are you surprised? I had never felt so beat up in my entire life. During the entire work out, my body parts were competing for which part hurt the most. People say the key to P90X is the “muscle confusion”...I think the body’s muscles are just confused at which one hurts the most.

This morning...relief. Most of my pain seems to have subsided.

Carnie and I are back to the second beginning with Cardio tonight and I’m actually EXCITED. Can you believe that?

Perhaps all the hard work might actually pay off...eventually.

More to come.

Keep on. Keepin on.


Tabbi said...

You inspire me Debbie...You really do! I have to try this. :) I do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and it kicks my booty..I can only imagine P90X! Keep on keepin on... :)

jmcqueen82 said...

you kick p90x ass lady! woot-woot!!

Deb said...

tabbi - that's a HUGE compliment coming from a cancer survivor! that means a lot to me! but you really are the true inspiration!

jmcqueen82 said...

Hey, I saw these and thought of you. Might be a good purchase?


Deb said...

I actually just bought a pair of yoga gloves and socks with a new and better mat last night! I hope they work because I love yoga way too much to let my sweaty hands ruin it.

C said...

You are awesome, girlfriend!!! P90X!!! I've done Slim in 6, Yoga Booty Ballet, P90, and a few other Beach Body workouts. I did them the year of my wedding so I could look good on my wedding day! LOL! I really ought to get back on track and start up those workouts again.

Sooooo...totally different topic, but have you seen New Moon yet? *drool* *swoon*

Deb said...

yes! i saw it yesterday! *drool* *swoon*