Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday Picture Love

Camping Edition.

The new V.I.P and I went on our first camping trip together this past weekend. I think I passed the camping trip test. He says I didn't complain too much and I say he didn't expect me to do too much. So, all in all, a success.

Who went? The V.I.P., the V.I.P's brother, the V.I.P's brother's girlfriend, and me. We hiked the first day for about two hours because we arrived later in the afternoon and had little time to do a vigorous hike. Afterward, we (being them) set up the tent and then we went to the local small town to grab some grub. The evening consisted of the boys continuously finding firewood, sitting around a fire and getting camp fire smoke blown in my face, peeing in the woods, the boys continuously arguing over how to best keep the fire going (I swear it's every man's birthright to have this argument as many times as he wishes in his lifetime) and trying to not be the first person to fall asleep.

The V.I.P made a sweet attempt at providing an awesome campfire breakfast, but it turned out to be what I can only assume is worse than prison mush. I only speaketh the truth. But, we were all already in wonderful moods despite the breakfast disaster because we had awoken to a dozen beautiful deer roaming around our campsite. You can't beat that.

The V.I.P = Very Important Person

V.I.P and I about to fall off the ledge.

The V.I.P, the Diana, and a Sigg.

It was a gorgeous day in February.

I like you just as you are.

Classic Babalou

He had good intentions. That's all that matters.

"Honey, I think I hear something wrestling around outside."

"Oh, that's deer."

Keep on Keepin on.

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C said...

OMG!!! DEB! I have sooooooooo missed your blog! Funny how I thought I'd have all this free time for blogging once the baby got home. WRONG!! LOL!

Look! I've missed all of the latest news on your end! :( The V.I.P.!?!?! WHEN did that happen? I am so going to have to do some major catching up now! ;p