Sunday, April 09, 2006

Required Health Insurance

I was watching CNN this early Sunday afternoon, while I ate my Sunday morning breakfast, when I came across a topic that sparked an interest. I can't remember the state representative's name off the top of my head right now, but he was from the state of Massachussets. Apparently, the state has recently passed a state bill requiring all of its residence to have health insurance. At first I strongly questioned the motives, justifications and methods the state would use in requiring all residents to have health insurance. after listening to what the rep. had to say in his explanation, I began to support and like what the bill had to offer and how the new bill would be implemented. I am going to research more about it, but I would suggest that everyone look into it, because it seems that if it will work in Massachussets, then state and even the nation may implement the same ideas in the future.

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Ms. M said...


I also heard the news, and I dont remember his name either... It will either be a very positive experience in my book, or negative. I think negativities will come from the working poor who really cannot afford a basic plan. I havent seen the entire plan just yet, and I dont know really how accessible it would be.