Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Nightstand

For the last year, at least, I have been talking about how I want and plan to paint my guest bedroom set.  They are dark cherry-ish wood and consist of a queen sleigh bed headboard and footboard, a six drawer dresser, two matching nightstands, and a television armoire.

Last weekend I decided I needed to finally get started. 

I purchased my paint a few weeks ago, so it was waiting patiently for me to open it up and paint away.  I chose a soft white.  White paint color is more difficult to pick out than I thought and I'm not a very quick decision maker...you could probably imagine that this was not the quickest trip to the local home improvement store.


I decided to start small with one of the nightstands.

This is the nightstand.  Since I've chosen to paint all the bedroom furniture a shade of white...and the original color is the dark cherry, a belt sander was and will be absolutely necessary.  (Note: that is not a rat in the pic...that's our Chihuahua, Harley.)

Here's a front view of the nightstand.  The color is so dark!  Eww!

And viola!  A belt sander, a little bit of paint, one paint brush, and an hour later...

a new to me nightstand.

I can't wait to get all the bedroom furniture done!  I'll keep you posted!  (pun intended)

Keep on Keepin on.

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♥Bree said...

i like how it looks. I cant wait to see the rest.