Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Autumn Anyone?

As September begins to reveal itself, I am filled with excitement for this Autumn. Autumn is my absolute most favorite season and living in Oklahoma seems to always cheat me out of my perfect Autumn. Oklahoma weather normally seems to skip Autumn and jump from Summer to Winter fairly quickly. Boo to that. Every year I hope this will change and that hope keeps my Pollyanna perspective jumping the Autumn gun.

For those of you around me on a daily basis, I am sure you are exhausted from my Autumn rants. I have declared this year the year that everyone will use the beautiful word "Autumn" rather than "Fall"...you wouldn't name your child "Fall" would you? Autumn is just more colorful; and isn't color one of the first things you think about with Autumn? You think of bright burnt oranges, apple reds, and yummy mustard yellows. The word "Autumn" probably triggers your amygdala into producing memories of apple cinnamon scented candles burning throughout the house, making caramel & candy apples, and carving pumpkins.

For me, the warmth of big nit sweaters, dainty dresses, and tall boots make me long for Autumn. My love for Autumn had me scouring the stores & internet in August for "Modern Autumn" inspirations and decorations. My boots have already been pulled out of their dark summer hiding corner and have been worn a couple of time in hopes that their re-emergence might coax Autumn to come quicker.

As the temperature reached into the upper 80's and lower 90's today, the random small rain shower got my big Autumn hopes up even more. Although I love the Summer season as well for it's own great reasons, I am ready for my Autumn. I can feel it getting closer. So, I of course perused the internet for Autumn inspirations and decided to share just a few of my finds.

Keep on Keepin on.


Blondie said...

Cool post! Get it? Cool. As in Autumn? As in I'm a dork for thinking no one got my pun and now I'm rambling on and on about it...

I can't wait for Autumn either! I think this year is OK's year for an awesome Autumn! There's already been a crisp in the air!!

jmcqueen82 said...

I had to resist buying those tiny pumpkins and goards they sell at the grocery store. It is tradition at our house to put out the fall decorations October 1st. I must wait. I am LOVING those silver pumpkins. where could I find those?

Deb said...

I heart different colors and sizes of pumpkins. I'm all about the white and silver pumpkins and gourds this year. I found the silver pumpkins on the Pottery Barn website, but I recently made a trip to Hobby Lobby and there were some silver and metallic one's there too.